49ers Trolled by Multiple NFL Teams During Schedule Release


Getty Could the 49ers have a new, rare weapon to use on offense in 2022?

Over the years, NFL teams have learned to have more than a little fun when announcing their official schedule via social media…okay, A TON of fun when it comes to it, and the 2022 schedule announcements were no different.

While the San Francisco 49ers went for a more dramatic method of entertaining fans with their “Yellowstone” theme that had some mix reviews from fans, other teams took a different, lighter, approach and simply trolled the absolute life out of their future opponents — ‘Niners included.

Here are a few of the best ones.

Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers always seem to burst out swinging when it comes to their social media presence, but this year, they torpedoed the competition out of the water by announcing their schedule on Thursday, May 12 in two different ways: By comparing their opponents to Pop Tarts (something they did last year) before releasing an anime-style trailer.

It’s hard to say which was more downright uproarious, but the 49ers appeared to be knocked around a bit harder with the instant breakfast comparison thanks to a photo of quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo next to a box of Fiber One toaster pastries (which was actually mild compared to what the Kansas City Chiefs were compared to.)

In the video the Chargers released, it was a little toned down with the 49ers while others took a heavy roasting.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

“Where’s the ‘Full House’ house?”

The Buccaneers just put offensive tackle Tristan Wirfs in front of a green screen and let him go wild. He went mild on the 49ers while standing in front of a cable car simply looking around and asking about the whereabouts of a Bay Area wonder – the Tanner family house.

Arizona Cardinals

Who doesn’t love kids?

Especially when they’re asked questions that they then get hilariously incorrect all while being just plain adorable in their ruthlessness. The Cardinals went for a both cute and took no prisoners by leaving the insults in the hands of children when they asked a select group of kids to guess their opponents’ names based on their logos.

For San Francisco, the kiddos guessed correctly “the 49ers” before suddenly shifting and calling them the “Fourty-whiners.” Sure, it was low hanging fruit, but goodness, does it sting.


Carolina Panthers

Not really of a roast, but the Panthers deserve kudos for bringing the pure nostalgia from the 1990s.

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons had some major burns happening in such a short video and while some weren’t as vicious as the New Orleans Saints portion, seeing an iconic cable car drive right off the table stung a tad.

Washington Commanders

Creativity points go to the Commanders for their use of slow motion and the word “smash.” Seeing a Lego version of Levi Stadium be reduced to tiny little bits is just not a pretty sight.

Denver Broncos

The Broncos, with the help of Peyton Manning and new quarterback Russell Wilson, went full-on “The Office” with their documentary-comedy style video. However, the schedule didn’t drop until the very end…quite literally.







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