Brock Purdy Compliments the 49ers’ Quarterbacks Culture

Brock Purdy, San Francisco 49ers

Getty Brock Purdy celebrating a San Francisco 49ers win.

While Brock Purdy has only played serious snaps for the San Francisco 49ers in three games so far this season, against the New Orleans Saints in relief of Jimmy Garoppolo, against the Miami Dolphins in his maiden NFL start, and finally against the Seattle Seahawks in a game for the ultimate fate of the NFC West division, the no-longer-Mr.-Irrelevant has rapidly captured the hearts and imaginations of fans in the Bay Area.

A “folk hero” for his improbable ability to lead an admittedly loaded Niners squad to three-straight wins under center, it would be understandable if Purdy got something of a big head from his newfound relevancy, but if his post-game comments after punching the team’s collective ticket to the playoffs are of any indication, the Iowa State product hasn’t taken things in that direction. No, despite being the only quarterback to throw a pass for the team from Week 13-15, Purdy has complemented his teammates, Garoppolo and Trey Lance, for helping him to stay ready and for laying the groundwork for an encouraging quarterback culture.

“It’s special and everything, but honestly, I’m just another component, another piece to this team in terms of a guy coming in and doing what he’s asked of,” Purdy asserted. “I’m a quarterback, I have to make decisions, I trust in how the coaches teach me throughout the week, I just try and get the ball out to the guys on time, and honestly, man, I don’t think Jimmy and Trey get enough credit for what they’ve done.”

“I’m just now coming on the scene, where these guys have been here throughout the offseason for Trey, and then Jimmy coming in and leading these guys and winning. For me to come in, I just want to continue what they got rolling. A big credit to Jimmy and Trey for what they’ve done, especially in the quarterback room, for the team, and I’m just trying to do my part in terms of where we’re at now in the season. So, definitely not ‘all praise to Brock’ and ‘what Brock’s done.’ Those guys, they deserve all the credit. I appreciate those guys.”

How will history remember Purdy? Fans will find out soon enough, but as he prepares for only his seventh professional game, it’s clear the 22-year-old has a maturity that far exceeds his on-field experience, much to the chagrin of 49ers fans the world over.

Kyle Shanahan Has Major Praise for his 49ers QB

Speaking with reporters himself after Thursday Night Football, Kyle Shanahan explained to reporters what makes Purdy different when compared to other rookies.

“He’s definitely the most poised rookie I’ve ever had,” Shanahan said. “He’s been like that since he got here. From what I hear about him in college, he was very similar, starting as a freshman. He’s been great. He was poised all week, even being unsure whether he’d be able to go or not. I think that was uneasy for him because he didn’t know what to expect until he got into the game, but under the circumstances, we didn’t have any other options.”

Though the 49ers really didn’t have any other options but to turn to Purdy in Week 13, the results were great right out of the gate and have only gotten better with each passing game. Fortunately, Purdy has plenty of experience under center, and that seasoning has done him wonders as a rookie.

John Lynch Believes Brock Purdy Is a Culture-Setter

Speaking with Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area, John Lynch was asked how Purdy has stacked up to the team’s expectations and opted to give his rookie quarterback a ringing endorsement.

“Every step of the way, he’s kind of checked the box,” Lynch said h/t 49ers Webzone. “It was practice, and then it was preseason games, and then it was regular-season practices, and then he goes in these games the last couple of weeks and really has handled himself well, and we’re very fortunate to have him.”

When asked if the 49ers felt confident enough in Purdy’s play over the summer to keep him around as a third quarterback instead of Nate Sudfeld, the QB3 in 2021, Lynch responded.

“Ultimately, we were,” Lynch responded. “… He just kind of kept growing on you. The nice thing with him, there was a lot of film to study at Iowa State, so it wasn’t like we had a brief amount of film. He started over 45 games at Iowa State, so you got to see a lot about what made him. He changed the culture, made it really a winning program. I think you can see, when he’s left, they’re struggling. The guy, he’s got a way of making an impact, and he certainly has here.”

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