Pro Bowler Called ‘Steroid Boy’ Claps Back at 49ers CB Charvarius Ward

De'Andre Hopkins

Getty De'Andre Hopkins catches the ball facing Charvarius Ward on November 21, 2022 in Mexico City.

Could the newly discovered feud between De’Andre Hopkins of the Arizona Cardinals and Charvarius Ward of the San Francisco 49ers now involve a different kind of gloves — boxing gloves?

Hopkins, referred to as “steroid boy” by Ward following the 49ers‘ dominating 38-10 win at Mexico City, clapped back at the comment made by the 49ers’ cornerback with reporters on Friday, November 25.

‘D-Hop’ Mentions Boxing Ring

The rift began when Ward was accusing Hopkins of “doing some dirty things” on the field, then giving him a new nickname.

“He was getting locked up. He was doing some dirty things,” Ward said to KNBR’s Greg Papa and Tim Ryan postgame. “He tried to clip me, he grabbed me by the throat. He grabbed my face mask on one play, so I don’t respect his game. That’s steroid boy.”

Ward gave Hopkins the moniker in reference to the multiple Pro Bowler needing to sit out the first six games of the 2022 season due to violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

Hopkins responded back when asked about Ward following a Black Friday practice from the Cards.

“I’m not the kind of guy that goes to social media for stuff like that. Obviously, it sounded very personal. You know…the crazy thing about this league, you never know when you might end up on a team with somebody,” Hopkins said, ending it with a wink from his right eye at reporters.

Hopkins tried to go the diplomatic route. However, as he continued to address the matter, it became clear the gloves were secretly coming on.

“It is what it is. I’m not the kind of guy that gives a public service announcement about somebody else. But we’re all in a fraternity together. I hate to hear a guy talk like that to somebody, anybody. For me, I pray for people like that. But you know, a lot of people are tough when they can type something or say something,” Hopkins said. “But I respect guys like Le’Veon Bell that get in that boxing ring. That guy over there who said something about me, I would definitely love to get in a boxing ring with him and see how tough he is in real life.”

So there you have it: A potential Pay-Per-View or ESPN+ idea involving the perennial Pro Bowler and the top 49ers’ cornerback option.

Next Time Pair Will Cross Paths

Fans who want to see this bout happen will have to wait until the end of the year…

The end of the regular season year for both teams, that is.

The 49ers won’t host the Cardinals until January 8 in Santa Clara — which could involve some playoff implications in that future Levi’s Stadium contest. But if both Hopkins and Ward are healthy for that game, all eyes will already be fixated on both men once they line up across from one another…and see if a scrap fest erupts.

Although, their respective contracts likely halts both men from engaging in any type of physical activity outside of the field, including the boxing ring. But still, this has become boxing match material with Hopkins letting it be known he wouldn’t mind putting a different pair of gloves on.

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