Ex-49ers Star Throws Shade at Niners: ‘We’re About to Kick Y’all A**’

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Getty Emmanuel Sanders had some friendly banter ahead of the 49ers-Saints matchup.

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders did not hold back about his desire to beat the San Francisco 49ers in Week 10. Sanders has been in communication with his former team and the conversations have included a lot of trash talk. The former Niners wideout revealed he had a message for 49ers wide receivers coach Wes Welker.

“But, you know, I texted Wes Welker, me and him were texting probably like two or three weeks ago,” Sanders explained, per NewOrleansSaints.com. “And I told him, we’re about to kick y’all a–. And he kind of laughed back. But, I want to kick their a– and then after the game we can hug it out. But this is going to be fun, right. Just to play against guys who I was on the same team as last year. And you know, and go at it and compete. And that’s what it’s about.”

Sanders on His Stint With the Niners: ‘I Loved Everybody in That Building’

Sanders may enjoy talking trash with his former team but the receiver was very complimentary about his experience with the 49ers. The receiver appears to be avoiding the standard line of “just another game” we often hear from athletes as they face their former team.

“I enjoyed my time over there though,” Sanders admitted. “Everybody in that building, I can say, from the cooks, from everybody, to the janitors. Man, I loved everybody in that building, because every day that I walked in there, they hit me with so much positive energy. And it starts with Kyle (Shanahan). Kyle sets the tone. He’s a very positive dude, but he also is about working. And the same amount of work that we put in, we have fun as well. But we worked our butts off. So, I enjoy being over there.”

Shanahan on Sanders: ‘We Would Not Have Gotten to Where We Did Last Year Without Emmanuel’

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan was also complimentary of Sanders who the team acquired in a mid-season trade in 2019. Shanahan believes the 49ers would not have made it to the Super Bowl without Sanders.

“We would not have gotten to where we did last year without Emmanuel,” Shanahan said, per NOLA.com. “[The Saints] should feel very fortunate for getting him down there with the way he plays and just the way he approaches every single day, and you’re going to get that same stuff in Kwon. I mean he was one of the most liked guys in our building. He loves football, both of them, can’t live without it. They’re guys you should be really happy to have.”

Sanders opted to join the Saints in free agency over the offseason signing a two-year, $16 million contract, per Sports Illustrated. Given the rash of injuries this season, the 49ers could have used Sanders’ help on offense, but instead, they will try to make the wideout eat his words as they square off in New Orleans.

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