Russ Wilson’s Wife Ciara Goes Viral for Seahawks-Inspired Dress [LOOK]

Ciara Dress

Getty Ciara turned heads with her Seahawks dress.

As Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson took part in an ESPN broadcast, his wife Ciara went viral for her look at the Met Gala. Ciara rocked an action green dress inspired by the Seahawks color rush jerseys. The outfit was complete with Wilson’s signature No. 3, a football clutch and a Seahawks Super Bowl ring.

“My Hubby’s color rush Seahawks jersey transformed into a dress + His Super Bowl XLVIII ring = EVERYTHING!” Ciara tweeted. “Thanks for having me @voguemagazine at the #MetGala: American Fashion Event! Inspired by the iconic designer Geoffrey Beene jersey dress. Designed by Peter Dundas.”

As Ciara attended the Met Gala, Wilson took part in Peyton Manning and Eli Manning’s broadcast debut on Monday Night Football. Wilson was the legendary quarterbacks’ final guest, and the Seahawks star got more air time than he bargained for as the Ravens-Raiders matchup went into overtime.

Here’s a look at Ciara’s outfit inspired by her husband.

Wilson on Ciara’s Football Look: ‘Heaven Sent’

Wilson retweeted photos from Ciara’s big night in New York City. The Seahawks quarterback kept his response simple calling Ciara “Heaven Sent” in a tweet. Ciara FaceTimed Wilson before taking the red carpet and posted a photo of the call to her Instagram Story.

The couple has two children together, Win and Sienna, and Ciara also has a son, Future, from a previous relationship. One day before the Met Gala, Ciara posted a photo with the three children decked out in Seahawks jerseys. Wilson’s family appeared to be in Indianapolis to cheer the Seahawks on in their season opener against the Colts.

“Never the easiest photo to take, but I’ll take it! 🥰” Ciara noted on Instagram. “We’re so proud of you @DangeRussWilson! Game 1. Hawks Win! Go Baby! Go @Seahawks #GoHawks”

During a February interview with GQ, Wilson discussed how their strengths complement each other in their marriage. From raising a family to their various business ventures, the couple tries to be in constant communication.

“I’m a quarterback, so I like talking,” Wilson noted. “I like talking about plays. I like, ‘Hey, what do you think about this idea? This strategy?’ ‘Hey, what do you think about this for the kids?’ Ciara, she’s an entertainer. She runs the show. She is the show. So for both of us, we have our beautiful flow of dialogue, constantly. And that could be all the way from our kids to, you know, the next business decision that we’re doing, to where we want to take our next trip to, you know, ‘Hey, what do you think about making a donation here or there?’ ”

The Couple Has a Staff of Eight to Ten People

The Wilson family is a full-time operation with a staff of eight to ten people, per GQ. During an October 2020 interview on The Bill Simmons Podcast, Wilson estimated that he spends about $1 million annually to ensure he can stay as healthy as possible during the NFL season.

“On one level, they have a marriage like anyone else’s, a blended family—Wilson helps raise Future, Ciara’s child from a previous relationship with the rapper of the same name—and together they nurture, as Wilson likes to put it, ‘an old-school love,'” GQ detailed. “But there are differences. They have a staff of eight to ten: two full-time chefs, a physical therapist, a full-time massage guy, a trainer, childcare, assistants, security.”