Seahawks QB Geno Smith Delivers Message After Landing $105 Million Contract

Geno Smith

Getty Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith sent a message on social media after signing his $105 million contract.

Geno Smith earned a new contract with the Seattle Seahawks this offseason with the best season of his career in 2022. But according to Smith, he may be just getting started.

In response to a tweet that argued Smith’s 2022 season led him to the 3-year, $105 million deal he signed with the Seahawks, Smith promised to be even better going forward.

“I’ll be much better! Can’t wait.”

Smith led the NFL with a 69.8% completion percentage on the way to his first Pro Bowl in 2022. He also had 4,282 passing yards with 30 touchdowns, both of which were career highs.

Geno Smith Signs $105 Million Contract With Seahawks

The Score’s Jordan Schultz reported the Seahawks and Smith agreed to a three-year, $105 million contract on March 6. On the surfaced, it appeared as though that was right in line with the expectations of what Smith would receive in an offer from Seattle.

No matter the circumstances, a nine-figure contract is impressive. After all, Smith may earn more in 2023 than he did in the first 10 years of his NFL career combined.

But according to Yahoo Sports’ Tim Weaver, the Seahawks can also feel like they got Smith at a discount.

NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo reported Smith’s contract is heavily based on incentives. Smith will only receive $40 million guaranteed while his base salary will be $25 million annually.

Smith can receive another $30 million in incentives.

That’s quite different from the other contracts starting NFL quarterbacks have received early this offseason. Quarterbacks Derek Carr and Daniel Jones reportedly agreed to contracts with average annual salaries of at least $37.5 million. The new deals for both Carr and Jones also contain signing bonuses of $60 million and $82 million, respectively.

It’s rare to see a big NFL contract such as Smith’s filled with so many incentives. But Smith did maximize the incentives in his contract last season.

If he fulfills his promise to be even better, he will have a great chance to earn all his incentives again.

Smith Says He Wants ‘To Repay’ Seahawks

Smith’s new promise on Twitter echoed the sentiment he shared in his final interview of the 2022 season.

“I want to finish my career in Seattle,” Smith explained during his final press conference of the season on January 15. “I wanna be here. The town, the city, the team, coach Carroll, the organization, they all [embraced] me. I was a guy who probably could have been out of the league.

“They embraced me, and I want to repay ’em for that.”

Smith began his career with the New York Jets as a second-round pick in the 2013 NFL draft. But after two seasons as a starter, he bounced around the league as a backup, playing for the New York Giants and Los Angeles Chargers.

He came to Seattle as Russell Wilson’s backup in 2020. Smith received his first opportunity to start more than one game in a season in six seasons when Wilson suffered a finger injury during 2021. Then, Smith received the chance to start permanently after the Seahawks traded Wilson to the Denver Broncos.

The Seahawks should be excited about Smith’s desire to repay them by getting even better. Smith has plenty of motivation with his $30 million in contract incentives as well.

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