Seahawks Star Puts Pressure on Team with Strong Message on Future

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Getty The Seattle Seahawks face a difficult decision in free agency with linebacker K.J. Wright.

Much has been made about Russell Wilson this offseason, but the Seattle Seahawks have a number of key players who are free agents including K.J. Wright. If the Seahawks are hoping for any sort of discount, it sounds like the team will be disappointed. During an interview on The Jim Rome Show, Wright shot down the idea that he would take a “hometown discount” to remain in Seattle.

“No man, I do way too much on the football field to take a discount,” Wright responded when asked about a potential discount. “It makes absolutely no sense. If you want to win all these championships and look good on Sundays, you got to compensate your guys that are making plays. Like you said earlier, nobody had double-digit TFLs [tackles for loss] and PDs [pass deflections] in the NFL. So, I have a family and I’m trying to set up long, long-term success for my family.”

Wright signed a two-year, $14 million contract in 2019 and had a $5 million salary which equated to a $10 million cap hit with his roster and signing bonuses. There was some speculation linebacker Jordyn Brooks was selected to eventually take over Wright’s position, but the veteran’s play last season was too good to be dismissed. The Seahawks found success playing Wright, Brooks and Bobby Wagner together, and it will be worth watching whether they can keep the trio entact.

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Wright Indicated the Seahawks Need to Clear Cap Space: ‘They’ve Got to Get Busy’

Like all NFL teams, the Seahawks face the challenge of a shrinking salary cap as a result of the loss of revenue during COVID-19. Wright noted he understands the unique financial challenges the team faces but pushed the Seahawks to create cap space.

“They know how much I want to be here, but at the end of the day I get it,” Wright noted, per The Seattle Times’ Bob Condotta. “I’ve been looking at the salary cap — they’ve got to clear some space to make things happen, so they’ve got to get busy. …I know a lot of teams that want my services. I’m interested to see what that looks like.’’

Wright Described Contract Talks With the Seahawks as ‘Non-Existent’

During an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio, Wright described his contract talks with the Seahawks as “non-existent”. It is not entirely surprising since the salary cap has not been made official and NFL free agency officially starts until March 17.

“Seattle LB K.J. Wright said on @SiriusXMNFL today that talks with Seahawks on an extension have been ‘non-existent,'” Condotta tweeted. “Adds ‘I believe we’re just going to wait until the middle of March when free agency actually opens’ to talk. Says he wants a multi-year deal.”

As Wright indicated, the Seahawks will have competition for his services when free agency begins. Based on Spotrac’s projected market value, Wright is expected to command a similar contract to his last deal with a $7.1 million annual salary.

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