Pete Carroll Sends Message on Russell Wilson With Slip up

Let Russ Cook

Getty Russell Wilson is ready for the Seahawks to make a run in 2021.

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll admitted he wants a do-over as he tried to praise Russell Wilson’s performance after the team’s victory over the Indianapolis Colts. Carroll inadvertently said Wilson and new offensive coordinator Shane Waldron were “cooking” in their first game together then realized this could be taken as an indirect reference to the “Let Russ Cook” movement.

“He [Waldron] and Russ were just cookin’,” Carroll told reporters before realizing the irony of his comment. “Oh, I’m sorry I said that. Can you scratch that? Doggone it, they did really well together. Shoot, that’s out there. I don’t think I ever said that one time all last year whenever that [“Let Russ Cook”] was happening.”

After realizing what he said, Carroll had some fun knowing how much fans have been clamoring for the Seahawks to “Let Russ Cook.” It has become a rallying cry for some Seahawks supporters who want to see the team air out the football more. Joking aside, Carroll also praised Wilson’s performance noting the quarterback “played fantastic football” against the Colts.

“Russell played fantastic football today,” Carroll noted. “He got terrific help from his guys catching the football and the pass protection was really solid as well.”

Wilson: ‘We Can Be One of the Best Offenses, if Not the Best, in Football’

Wilson threw for 254 yards and four touchdowns in the Seahawks’ opening win in Indianapolis. What Carroll is likely most impressed by is Wilson’s efficiency in Week 1. Wilson completed more than 72% of his passes without throwing an interception. The Seahawks quarterback admitted that the team’s “mission” is to have the NFL’s No. 1 offense.

“Obviously, we can take our shots,” Wilson noted in his postgame press conference. “We can do the mid-range game. We can do the quick game. We can run the ball extremely well. We can mix it up. We can get on the edge. There’s really nothing we can’t do. So, I think that what we have to do, if we can continue to own the details, I think that, like I told you guys earlier in the year, we can be one of the best offenses, if not the best, in football. That’s our mission. That’s our goal. More than anything else, the No. 1 mission is to win every week.”

The Seahawks Ran the Ball on 54% of the Plays vs. Colts

The big topic of discussion this offseason is how the Seahawks offense would look under Waldron. Days before firing Brian Schottenheimer, Carroll emphasized how much he wanted to see a balanced offense with a particular emphasis on the team’s rushing attack. This led to an offseason of change as the Seahawks brought over Waldron from the Rams.

The Seahawks rushed the ball 54% of the plays against the Colts, but Seattle also held a double-digit lead for much of the game. It will be interesting to see how this split plays out as the season continues, particularly in games that are closer in the fourth quarter.