Sleeper Teams for Russell Wilson Trade Revealed by Insider

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Getty The Seahawks are getting calls about the availability of Russell Wilson.

The Seattle Seahawks know that Russell Wilson has only approved a potential trade to four teams: New Orleans Saints, Las Vegas Raiders, Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys. There are dozens of questions about this complicated relationship, but it will be worth watching to see if the Seahawks potentially explore trades from teams not on Wilson’s approved list.

Wilson’s no-trade clause gives him the ability to veto any potential deal, but the Seahawks could opt to put pressure on their disgruntled quarterback. The Raiders and Cowboys are the only teams on Wilson’s list with a solidified starting quarterback.

Dak Prescott would have to agree to sign a franchise tag tender before being dealt making a potential trade with the Cowboys extremely complicated. Derek Carr would be a significant downgrade from Wilson making this an unappealing option for the Seahawks without a third team involved.

For the Seahawks to realistically consider trading Wilson they would likely need to get a quarterback in return who falls into one of three categories. The most appealing scenario would be acquiring another top-flight quarterback like Deshaun Watson, but Wilson would undoubtedly nix a trade to the Texans. Another path would be for the Seahawks to acquire a signal-caller who is still on their rookie contract giving the team the ability to build a more well-rounded roster.

Wilson’s cap hit for next season is $32 million and the number jumps up to $37 million in 2022. Finally, the Seahawks could trade with a team that has a high draft pick in order to select a rookie quarterback such as Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Trey Lance or Zach Wilson.

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ESPN’s Adam Schefter Labels the Jets & Dolphins as Sleeper Contenders for a Wilson Trade

This takes us to two teams ESPN’s Adam Schefter mentions as likely appealing to Seattle: Jets and Dolphins. Keep in mind, Schefter was the NFL insider who broke Wilson’s preferred list of teams relayed from agent Mark Rodgers.

“So, if there is a team out there that could put together a trade for Russell Wilson, to me, again the Jets at No. 2, the Dolphins at No. 3,” Schefter noted on his self-titled ESPN podcast. “They are the ones that would make the most sense, but Russell Wilson has a no-trade clause in his contract. Didn’t list those teams [and] could veto a trade to anywhere he’s dealt without his prior consent.”

The Starting Point for a Potential Trade for Wilson Reportedly Starts With 3 First-Round Picks

NFL Network’s Mike Silver previously reported the starting point for any deal involving Wilson is believed to be three first-round picks. On the surface, this does not seem like a lot for a franchise quarterback considering the Seahawks gave up two first-rounders to the Jets last offseason for safety Jamal Adams.

Yet, a trade with the Jets or Dolphins could allow the Seahawks to add a top rookie quarterback like Justin Fields along with two future first-round picks. This sounds much more appealing than almost any other scenario short of acquiring Watson. Miami could also offer Tua Tagovailoa as part of their package giving the Seahawks the option of building around the former Alabama standout and using the No. 3 pick on another position of need.

Clearly, the most appealing scenario for the Seahawks is to repair their relationship with Wilson who is under contract through 2023. If Wilson does formally request a trade, the Seahawks may have little choice but to decide from one of the above options with the most appealing deal likely being from a team not on the quarterback’s list of approved teams.

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