Seahawks’ Blockbuster Trade Scenario With Buccaneers Proposed

Russell Wilson Seahawks

Getty The Seahawks could deal Russell Wilson in a blockbuster trade with the Buccaneers, says Colin Cowherd.

The Seattle Seahawks might actually benefit from this trade with an NFC rival.

As Russell Wilson’s future in Seattle continues to remain unclear, one thing does remain clear — Wilson could possibly be traded this offseason. While Wilson has continued to maintain that he wants to continue his career in Seattle, other reports indicate that Wilson wants to explore options.

That right price might look like the blockbuster trade scenario that was recently proposed by Fox Sports radio host Colin Cowherd.

On Friday, February 18, the well-known sports personality proposed a scenario in which the Seahawks would not only acquire three first-round picks from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but several key players to aid as building blocks for Seattle.

“If I was Seattle and thought, ‘All right, we need to upgrade the O-line. Give me three first-round picks, I’ll take another receiver beyond DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, and give me a pass rusher’ … Seattle’s got some holes,” Cowherd said.

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Cowherd: Bucs’ ‘Deep’ Roster Benefits Seahawks

Cowherd continues to elaborate that the Buccaneers’ “deep” roster would give the Seahawks starters to offset the loss of the best quarterback in franchise history. He also goes on to mention that draft picks aren’t enough alone to sway the Seahawks into dealing Wilson.

“Tampa’s got a really, really deep roster,” Cowherd explained. “And I don’t want just draft picks for Russell. You gotta give me starters. That’s the old secret in the NFL. Everybody thinks draft picks solve it. No. You give me a Pro Bowl-level … your best corner, your best pass rusher, and three picks. Then, it’s a different roster for us.”

Cowherd stresses the depth of the Buccaneers’ roster. He also mentions how Tampa Bay could offer other building blocks, such as a tight end or an offensive lineman.

“Tampa is the kind of team that could address something Seattle needs,” Cowherd said. “They could give Seattle another pass rusher. They’ve got really good players inside the box. They could give Seattle a tight end, maybe a Cameron Brate. … Their offensive line — center, right guard — pretty good O-line. So they have things.”

Why the Seahawks Could Actually Deal Wilson

If the Seahawks were to move on from Wilson, they would have to get a whole lot in return that would lead to a quick turnaround for the franchise. With 70-year-old Pete Carroll locked in as head coach through the 2025 season, the Seahawks aren’t aiming for a slow rebuild.

By acquiring multiple building blocks along with several additional first-round draft picks in Carroll’s likely final years in Seattle, the Seahawks wouldn’t rebuild — they’d reload. They’d obviously have to find a new franchise quarterback, but they could sign a bridge quarterback with a veteran option in free agency.

Their first-round draft capital could also give them additional opportunities at finding a franchise quarterback through the draft.

The Seahawks are coming off of a stagnant campaign in which they went 7-10. It was the first losing season and just the second non-playoff season of the Wilson/Carroll era.

Things aren’t going to get any easier in 2022 as the Seahawks play in the most competitive division in all of the NFL in the NFC West. The West division had three playoff teams in 2021, with the Los Angeles Rams winning the Super Bowl and another — the San Francisco 49ers — advancing to the NFC Championship game.

If the opportunity presents itself and the Buccaneers prove to be desperate to find a new franchise quarterback to fill the void of the recently-retired Tom Brady, the Seahawks might have to bite if Tampa Bay offers multiple draft picks and players for Wilson.

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