Ex-Buccaneer Takes Shot at Tom Brady’s Performance

Tom Brady

Getty Tom Brady couldn't get anything going in the first half.

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Booger McFarland didn’t hold back on Tom Brady’s performance against the New Orleans Saints.

McFarland, an NFL analyst with ESPN, called Brady’s play “bad” during “Monday Night Football” amid a horrid start against the Saints on Monday, December 5. Brady mustered a 57.2 quarterback rating with 102 yards and an interception.

McFarland emphasized that Brady failed to make anything happen for his team. The Bucs’ long strong drive, the opening, sputtered inside the Saints’ 5-yard line and resulted in a field goal. Brady missed on potential big throws to wide receivers Julio Jones and Scotty Miller, which cost the Bucs on those respective drives.

Criticism from media didn’t stop with McFarland. Colin Cowherd of FOX Sports called Brady checked out.

“Brady seems marginally interested tonight,” Cowherd wrote on Twitter. “He’s just done with Tampa.”

Skip Bayless of Fox Sports also chimed in on Brady, noting his past struggles against the Saints since joining the Bucs. Bayless doesn’t see things getting better for Brady and the Bucs.

“In his third home game against the Saints since becoming a Buc, Brady how has thrown FIVE interceptions without a single TD pass,” Bayless on Twitter. “They are just in his head. I can’t even recognize him against this team. This game is OVER. Season might be, too.”

Bayless added that it’s affecting the Bucs defense, too.

“You are watching a Bucs defense that is losing heart because it is losing faith in Brady and the offense,” Bayless wrote. “It is mentally drained from just trying to hang in and hang on.”

Bucs Couldn’t Get Past the 50

Tampa Bay failed to cross the 50-yard line again for the rest of the first half, and the drives resulted in three punts and a field goal. Brady and company settled for a kneel down with 20 seconds before halftime, which led to a chorus of boos from the fans.

New Orleans took advantage of the putrid Bucs offense with two scoring drives. The Bucs defense made stops in the first half but failed to slow down Saints quarterback Andy Dalton on a 9-play, 80-yard drive.

Tampa Bay’s second half didn’t start any better despite Brady’s completion to star wide receiver Mike Evans for a first down. Rookie running back Rachaad White fumbled the ball on a following play, which terminated the drive.

Jerry Thorton of Barstool Sports called out Brady’s decision on the short rout to White.

Thorton tweeted, “3rd & 17. Checkdown pass with no blockers, asking your target to pick up 12+ yards on his own. Punch out fumble. Not my Tom Brady.”

Brady notably hasn’t enjoyed much running game support against the Saints. Only two first down runs went for more than five yards until late in the third quarter, Fox’s Warren Sharp pointed out.

Brady’s, Bucs’ Woes are Season-Long

The Bucs came into the game in desperate need of a win at 5-6 overall after blowing a 17-10 lead late against the Cleveland Browns in Week 12. Brady and the Bucs have been mired in offensive struggles almost all season.

Brady only had 14 touchdown passes going into the 12th game of the season. The Bucs rushing attack ranks last in the NFL.