Tom Brady Makes Cryptic Statement Amid Retirement

Tom Brady

Getty Tom Brady didn't say no to a possible comeback in 2023.

Tom Brady‘s decision to wait a year to begin broadcasting with FOX, leaves unanswered questions about 2023 for the recently-retired Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback.

FS1’s Colin Cowherd asked Brady “is there a 1% chance” of returning to the field in 2023. Brady didn’t say “no” straight out amid his confirmation of plans to enter the broadcast booth in 2024 instead of 2023.

“I think for me, I know in my heart how I feel,” Brady said on “The Herd With Colin Cowherd” on Monday, February 6. “I put it out on the field for 23 years and I’m super proud of what’s been accomplished. I just wanted to keep last week really short and sweet.”

Brady put out a short announcement on February 1 to announce his retirement via Instagram. Brady said in that announcement that his retirement is “for good”. He previously retired for 40 days in 2022 and ultimately returned to the Bucs.

“I felt like I’ve given a lot, gained a lot and learned a lot. Life is about exciting things ahead, too,” Brady told Cowherd. “I think when one thing closes like football has for me — you know, 32 years of my life. I look forward to what’s ahead. There’s new chapters and there’s new, exciting things. There’s new growth, new opportunities and I’m really excited for what’s ahead.”

“I’ve loved my time in football. It’s absolutely an incredible love in my life and it’s hard to make decisions like that, but it’s certainly the right time,” Brady concluded.

Brady’s Explanation for a Year Off

Brady told Cowherd he wants to take time for things outside of football and get ready to be a great broadcaster. He signed a 10-year contract $375 million with FOX in 2022 for when he retired from football.

“I think for me, I want to be great at what I do, and talking even last week with the people at FOX Sports and the leadership there, allowing me to start my FOX opportunity in the fall of 2024 is something that’s great for me,” Brady told Cowherd. “Take some time to really learn, become great at what I want to do, become great at thinking about the opportunity and making sure I don’t rush into anything.”

“I think when people really bet on me, I think one thing about my career, whether it was when I was drafted by the Patriots or signed in free agency with the Bucs, I wanted to be fully committed, and I never wanted to let people down,” Brady added. “I think my biggest motivator was that. So even in the future, I want to be great at what I do, and that always takes some time and strategizing and learning and growing and evolving, and I have so many people to rely on that can support me in that growth, too.”

“So it’s going to be a great opportunity for me to take some time to certainly become [great] at my FOX broadcasting job, which I’m really looking forward to, but also catching up on other parts of my life that need some time and energy,” Brady concluded.

Brady also recently went through a divorce with Gisele Bundchen during the 2022 season, and they share two children.

Door Open a Crack for Brady?

While Brady expressed finality of his retirement, doubt remains in public perception because of his decision in 2022 and past superstar athletes who struggled to stay retired.

Brady could have options if he choses last minute to sign on with a team. His contract with the Bucs expires on March 15.

Multiple teams had been linked to Brady before his retirement, but ESPN’s Jeff Darlington reported last week that Brady had narrowed it down to another season with the Bucs or retirement.