Jets Believe Commanders QB Can Play, Could Replace Zach Wilson

Sam Howell, Washington Commanders, New York Jets

Getty Sam Howell makes a pass.

The New York Jets, similar to the Washington Commanders, have some questions to answer at the quarterback position. Aaron Rodgers is expected to be ready after injuring his Achilles in the first game of the Jets season. The Commanders are expected to draft a quarterback with the No. 2 overall pick. However, both have decisions to make when it comes to a backup quarterback, and Sam Howell of the Commanders could be a name to watch for the Jets.

When Rodgers went down, the Jets had no answer for a backup quarterback. Zach Wilson was clearly unprepared for a team that had Super Bowl aspirations and it tanked the Jets season. If that happens again, coaches and members of the front office will be without a job. According to Connor Hughes of SNY, some in the Jets building believe in Howell and his ability to make plays. Adding a player of Howell’s caliber gives them the insurance that if something does happen again, they can be serviceable at the position.

“Howell proved this year he can play. There are flaws to his game, but none where the season is lost if he has to play. He’s also cheaper. Howell would have a cap hit under $1 million each of the next two years — that matters to Woody Johnson and the Jets. There are those in the Jets building who believe he can play, too. Maybe two years learning behind Rodgers really unlocks his potential and he ends up being his replacement. He did throw for 3,946 yards and 21 touchdowns on a terrible Commanders team.

“The key will simply be compensation. The Jets should do this if all it takes is a pick on the third day of the draft. Howell is just as good of an insurance policy as Gardner Minshew or Jacoby Brissett.”

The Commanders Will Also Need a Backup

While the New York Jets have to figure out who’s going to backup Rodgers, the same can be said for the Washington Commanders. The Commanders, however, could be better off adding a veteran to teach the presumed quarterback they draft at No. 2 the basics of the NFL.

Howell also deserves the chance to earn a starting spot elsewhere, which, while he won’t have that opportunity immediately with the Jets, he could be their quarterback when Rodgers retires.

There’s a scenario where this truly does benefit the Jets and depending on what they’d be willing to give up, could help the Commanders.

Howell threw for 3,946 yards, 21 touchdowns, and 21 interceptions. His 21 interceptions were the biggest concern.

Quarterback Options for the Commanders

It seems probable that one of Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, or Jayden Daniels will play for the Washington Commanders next season. If the Chicago Bears don’t draft Williams at No. 1, he’s likely the pick for the Commanders.

With Maye or Daniels, the Commanders get their potential franchise quarterback, something they desperately need. As far as backups, there will be veterans on the market who can help their No. 2 pick develop.

If they move Howell, he could fit in with the New York Jets. However, the Commanders have to do what’s best for them and find a team that’s willing to give them something of value in return.

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