Trade Proposal Lands Commanders Caleb Williams From Bears for Massive Haul

Washington Commanders, Caleb Williams, Chicago Bears

Getty Caleb Williams, formerly of USC.

The Washington Commanders hold the No. 2 pick in the 2024 NFL draft, and the expectation is that they will find their franchise quarterback. With the No. 1 pick, the expectation is that the Chicago Bears will select Caleb Williams, the consensus top prospect in the draft.

However, the Bears “would have to consider” sending Williams to Washington after drafting him, according to Bleacher Report’s Alex Kay.

“[T]he Bears could opt for a rare prospect swap shortly after they’ve been drafted, much like the New York Giants and then-San Diego Chargers did in 2004,” Kay wrote in an April 15 column in which he proposed one trade for each team picking in the top 10. “The Bolts shipped No. 1 overall pick Eli Manning to New York in exchange for No. 4 overall pick Philip Rivers, a third-rounder in that year’s draft and first- and fifth-rounders the following year.”

Kay proposed the Commanders would send North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye (whom they would select with the No. 2 pick) along with their 2024 third-round pick and 2025 first-round pick.

Previously, The Ringer’s Ben Solak could make a similar deal, but only if they weren’t going to draft a quarterback at No. 1.

“Here’s another wrinkle: One of those front office fellas told me the Bears could make that deal only if they weren’t taking a quarterback at No. 2, because moving back to take a franchise quarterback would send the wrong message to both that quarterback and the team,” Solak wrote on March 4. “But could Chicago really say no to multiple extra picks — let’s say a future first and a future second — when it still gets to draft a franchise quarterback? That’s tough.”

Why the Commanders Would Make This Deal

Kay’s proposal assumes the Commanders would have an interest in having Williams on the team, noting that Williams worked with the Commanders’ new offensive coordinator, Kliff Kingsbury, last season when Kingsbury was a senior offensive analyst at USC.

“If Washington — a team that just brought in Kliff Kingsbury to run the offense after he spent a season at USC — is truly infatuated with Williams, it shouldn’t have many reservations about packaging a third-rounder in 2024 and a first-round pick next year to close the deal,” Kay wrote.

“Chicago would still end up with an elite prospect under center and bolster its limited pool of draft capital with a solid third-round selection,” he wrote. “The Bears would also get to double-dip in Round 1 of the 2025 draft with what might be another top-10 pick.”

What Williams Would Bring to the Commanders

Williams had an impressive college career, putting up 4,537 yards and 42 touchdowns with just five interceptions in his Heisman-winning season for USC. His ability to use his legs was on full display in the 2022 and 2023 seasons, rushing for a combined 21 touchdowns.

Mel Kiper of ESPN wrote on April 5 about his playmaking ability.

“Williams is a fabulous playmaker, and there are “wow” throws all over his tape, even going back to his freshman season at Oklahoma. He’s incredible escaping the pocket and making off-platform throws, excelling when plays break down. His improvisational skills are off the charts — it’s incredible how he can make the first defender miss and create first downs out of thin air.

“He has great field vision and throws dimes to receivers while under duress. He’s incredibly creative, which is not something we can usually say of quarterbacks.”

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