Ex-Eagles RB Darren Sproles Reveals Truth Behind Confrontation With Franchise QB

Darren Sproles

Getty Retired Eagles running back Darren Sproles has finally spoken out about the confrontation he had with quarterback Carson Wentz during the team's Super Bowl run in the 2017 season.

The rumor and then eventual report that former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz nearly came to blows with running back Darren Sproles over the injured signal caller’s attitude about the Birds’ Super Bowl run without him is true, according to Sproles himself.

The 39-year-old made an appearance on the Up and Adams Show on FanDuel TV, and discussed the incident with host Kay Adams, while also discussing an interest in one last run with the Eagles.

“We had some words, but it wasn’t like, it wasn’t as big as like what everybody is saying,” Sproles explained.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Jeff McLane, Wentz “voiced his displeasure,” over the Eagles run to several other injured players, and was “immediately confronted.”

After the report, former Philadelphia and Washington running back and return man Brian Mitchell said on his radio show that the unnamed Eagle was Sproles. “[Wentz] damn sure wasn’t happy about them going on a run when he wasn’t playing. He was, ‘I don’t feel comfortable with them winning it without me. This doesn’t feel good.’ Until Darren Sproles almost whipped his ass,” Mitchell said on March 10, 2022, according to a transcript on Audacy Sports.

In a later appearance on the show, running back LeGarrette Blount, part of the Super Bowl championship team, confirmed a story about the confrontation to Mitchell.

Now, Sproles has spoken out and told his side of the story.

“But it’s like, I had to make him kind of like realize that you’ve got to be happy for the team, you know what I’m saying?” Sproles explained. “We’re all mad that we’re not playing, you know what I’m saying? We all was hurt, but you’ve still got to be happy for the team.”

During a series of follow up questions, Sproles said that he and Wentz are on good terms now. “Yeah, we’re fine, we’re fine to this day,” Sproles said.

Sproles Says Carson Wentz Kept to Himself During the Run

According to Sproles, the situation arose after Wentz had been staying quiet during the playoff run. “He was walking around quiet, but then like right after that kind of like conversation, that all kind of changed,” Sproles said.

When pressed for more details, it became clear that the retired running back wasn’t going to give up much more.

“He wasn’t the way he was before,” Sproles said with a laugh.

The Eagles lost Sproles to injury early in the 2017 season, as he went down with a torn ACL and broken forearm in a Week 3 win over the Giants. Never the less, his presence was obviously felt in the locker room.

Sproles Breaks Down Carson Wentz’s Weaknesses

After a short tenure in Indianapolis and a rough start in Washington, there’s been no lack of criticism of Wentz on and off the field. After being asked, Sproles gave his take.

“Personally, I just feel like, with Carson, he’s a great player,” Sproles began. “I just feel like he just needs to take coaching like that. I feel like that’s probably like his hardest thing to do, but like I know with Carson, he has to have like an outlet too. He needs to have a good tight end. If he doesn’t have a good tight end, that’s like his comfort zone. So that’s what he really needs to be successful.”