Cowboys’ Micah Parsons Draws Harsh Criticism for Eagles Comments

Micah Parsons

Getty Images Dallas Cowboys star Micah Parsons.

Dallas Cowboys stud Micah Parsons has never been one to bite his tongue. When he has an opinion, he’s going to spew it to the world. It’s actually admirable, especially when Parsons is using his opinionated tongue to wish the Philadelphia Eagles good luck in Super Bowl LVII.

Parsons had an interesting Twitter exchange with Lane Johnson on January 29, calling the Eagles right tackle “freaking heroic” for playing on a torn groin in the NFC Championship Game. Johnson put on a dominant clinic during Sunday’s matchup against the San Francisco 49ers while drawing praise from peers and rivals alike. Parsons was quick to throw flowers on Johnson, then took it a step further by telling him to “Go win a bowl for our division!” Wow. That’s a new chapter in the Eagles-Cowboys rivalry, one that wasn’t met with happiness by those in Dallas.

Cowboys fans were out for blood after hearing that Parsons wanted the Eagles to win the Super Bowl. In fact, Barstool Sports called it the “Lowest, Saddest Moment In Cowboys History” and Landry Hat wrote that “Parsons crossed a sacred line.” Yes, sometimes people forget that players, even fierce competitors, respect and cheer for each other at the end of the day.

Parsons defended his behavior and clapped back at Barstool Sports: “You people are sick! You will sit in your own misery because of lack of accomplishments than root for others!! I have no Shame! The league is a brotherhood ! I’ll never pray down on another man success nor be ashamed to say I’m happy for my brothers success!”

Eagles List 5 Players Out at Walk-Through

The Eagles conducted a walk-through on Wednesday and submitted an estimation of an injury report. In it, they listed five players missing in action: Landon Dickerson (elbow), Lane Johnson (groin), Cam Jurgens (hip), Avonte Maddox (toe), and Robert Quinn (foot). All five players are expected to play in the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 12.

Head coach Nick Sirianni talked about what the team was going to be working on this week before they board a plane for Arizona. Predictably, he didn’t say too much.

“Without giving too much out there, you’re working on getting a big chunk of your game plan done and practicing like a normal week, knowing that the schedule when you get out there next week is a little bit different,” Sirianni told reporters. “So, you’re going to try to keep everything as similar as possible. We’re going to keep these next two weeks as normal as we possibly can for our guys and our schedule.”

Lane Johnson Accused of ‘Blatant’ False Starts

FOX Sports analyst Emmanuel Acho posted a video of Lane Johnson from the 49ers-Eagles game and asked if the right tackle was getting away with “blatant false starts?” It looked like Johnson jumped a tad early on the play in question, but it seems to be a case of extremely “fast twitch.” When slowed down, it looks like he is committing a penalty because he’s so fast in real time.

The reality is that Johnson is just exploding off the snap, according to NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger. Former Eagles left tackle Tra Thomas also rushed to Johnson’s defense. Ditto for offensive line guru Duke Manyweather. Everything is legit.

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