Kevin Durant Responds to Draymond Green Tweet Amid Warriors, Jordan Poole Drama

Draymond Green Kevin Durant

Getty Draymond Green and Kevin Durant of Team USA react during a game against Australia at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

In this current age of information, some of what is reported can actually be misinformation. Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green was a victim of that on July 19. A fake Twitter account “NBA Cental” which is a parody account posing as “NBA Central”, a noted NBA news account, posted a fake quote from Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett. The quote aimed at Green and his handling of an altercation between him and now ex-teammate Jordan Poole. Green responded to the parody account referencing an altercation between him and Garnett during his rookie season. The Hall of Famer made Green aware of the fake account and the Warriors star deleted the tweet.

Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant, who has never been one to mince words on Twitter, then chimed in on the exchange between the two former Defensive Player of the Year award winners, calling on a higher source to fix the problem.

“Nah yo, u gotta chill. Do something bout this @god,” Durant wrote.

Draymond Green Breaks Silence on Jordan Poole

Last season the Warriors were riding high and sitting on top of the world after winning their fourth world title since 2015. It even looked like they had the makings of another dynasty and a Steph Curry successor in Jordan Poole. But when Draymond Green punched Poole during training camp everything changed. During a recent appearance on Sixers Guard Patrick Beverley’s podcast Green finally addressed the incident.

“I don’t just hit people. Dialog, of course, happens over time and you usually ain’t just triggered by something like that fast, you know, to that degree,” Green said.

“This is a team, you know what I’m saying, ain’t nobody on my team triggering me, you know, in an instant. You know, we know stuff that you don’t say amongst men, you know what I’m saying? We know you know things that you have to stand on.”

Draymond Has Heated Exchange With Poole’s Dad

The beef between Jordan Poole and Draymond Green has been stewing for almost a year now. And after the Warriors traded Poole to the Washington Wizards for Chris Paul, it appears that the gloves are off on both sides. After seeing Green’s interview, Poole’s father Anthony Poole had an NSFW response.

“I’m stand on this that’s is some bs. Jp was his guy and he avoid me all last yr,” Poole’s father tweeted in response to Green.

“He is a soft as bitch and I’m standing on this and he didn’t apologize to me and my wife. So he lame and me and him can meet anytime he wants.”

Green had some strong words of his own for Poole’s father.

“That’s so cute… it’s impossible to avoid you an arena for a year champ. I got get my family from that family room every game,” Green said in response.

“And stop using those words, they usually don’t go over well amongst men.”

One would think that the drama within the Warriors’ locker room would be done after trading Poole, but things are perhaps just getting started. The Warriors still have title hopes on their mind heading into next season it will be interesting to see what happens.