Mock Draft Predicts Steelers Will Reach for ‘Tenacious’ Linebacker in Round 1

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Getty The Pittsburgh Steelers were predicted to draft Trevin Wallace in the first round

The Pittsburgh Steelers could be one of the NFL’s most interesting teams to watch throughout the 2024 offseason.

It seems the questions about what’s to come for the organization at quarterback will be inescapable until the day they officially announce their 2024 starter.

That is also far from the only position the team needs to address during the offseason.

They have major needs on both sides of the ball and could make improving those their focus instead of a new quarterback.

In fact, it seems there’s at least a chance that they could decide to address a surprising position in the first round of the draft.’s Chad Reuter thinks the Steelers will use the draft’s 20th pick to select Kentucky linebacker Trevin Wallace according to his February 12 mock draft.

Wallace’s College Career

While many players across college sports are opting to have longer college careers, Wallace didn’t need long to establish himself as an NFL prospect.

He played in 11 games as a freshman as part of a defense that finished the 2021 season at 26th in points allowed and earned himself an All-SEC Freshman Team nod.

As a sophomore, Wallace made 54 tackles, including 5.5 for a loss and added 2.5 sacks and a pair of interceptions for the Wildcats.

In his junior season, Wallace had an even more impressive output. He made 80 total tackles with 8.5 for a loss in 2023. He also had 5.5 sacks, an interception, and a forced fumble.

His talents weren’t enough to earn him all-conference honors in a loaded SEC during his college career, but he still earned attention from scouts.

Wallace proved himself to be a consistent tackler in college who can be an asset against the run in the NFL.

He also did it before his 21st birthday.

Wallace will be an interesting prospect in the 2024 draft class, but he doesn’t seem like the right pick for the Steelers at 20th overall.

The Problems With the Steelers’ Projected Pick

Wallace could be a good fit for the Steelers.

The Steelers need help at middle linebacker after having some major depth issues there in 2023 and Wallace is one of the better prospects at the position.

Still, he shouldn’t be the Steelers’ first pick.

In this mock draft, Wallace wouldn’t be the best inside linebacker available at this pick. That distinction belongs to Edgerrin Cooper.

If they wanted Cooper, they’d probably have to take him in round one. Wallace should still be available when they make their second pick. He might even be there in round three.

The other issue is that it would be hard for them to justify spending their first-round pick on a linebacker when they have needs at premium positions.

The team needs an offensive tackle and a another starting cornerback. Both of those positions have more value than linebacker and should be prioritized by the Steelers in the first round.

If the Steelers were going to reach for a player in round one, it should be at one of those positions.

Linebacker is absolutely a position the Steelers need to address during the 2024 offseason, but if they’re going to draft one the pick should come some time later in the draft.

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