49ers-Eagles Week: Philly Star Urges Fans to ‘Troll’ Deebo Samuel

A.J. Brown (left) implored fans to "troll" Deebo Samuel ahead of 49ers-Eagles

Getty A.J. Brown (left) implored fans to "troll" Deebo Samuel ahead of 49ers-Eagles

We still are days away from the 49ers-Eagles rematch. But we are already seeing some high-level trash talk between the two teams—mostly with 49ers star Deebo Samuel at the center—considered the hands-down favorites to head to the NFC championship game once again.

Surely, 49ers fans don’t need to be reminded about that one, which saw the Eagles win by a 31-7 margin.

One of the offshoots of that 49ers-Eagles game was an offseason in which Samuel had some things to say about Philadelphia and its football team.

“(My) most hated team is the Eagles right now. 100 %,” Samuel told Complex in May. When it was pointed out that he used to hate the Rams most, he said, “I mean hey man, we done wiped the Rams so many times. All the trash talk coming from the Eagles fan base and the players, you just get tired of that.”

With that in mind, Eagles star wide receiver A.J. Brown, who is a close friend of Samuel, implored Philly fans to make it, “Troll Deebo Samuel week.” As Brown wrote on Twitter/X:

“Eagle fans… it’s troll  @19problemz week. You have my permission.”

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Deebo Samuel Called James Bradberry ‘Trash’

Of course, when to comes to 49ers-Eagles week, it is no surprise to find Deebo Samuel in the middle of things. Last February, on the “I Am an Athlete” podcast, Samuel was asked about Eagles defensive back James Bradberry and called him, “Trash.”

In the 49ers locker room this week, Samuel stood by the remark. “I don’t regret nothing I said,” he told reporters.

In an appearance on the “Up and Adams” podcast, Samuel was asked what triggered his response on Bradberry. Samuel was evasive and said again that he did not regret it.

“It wasn’t necessarily a moment on the field,” he said. “We were just talking ball. I said what I said and they dragged it on or whatever, whatever the case my be. It’s kinda like I said yesterday, you know, at the end of the day, I said it, yeah, I said it, but I don’t regret it.”

49ers-Eagles Features Streaking Contenders

In the end, 49ers-Eagles will come down to two NFC teams that are truly rolling. The 49ers have won three straight, and the Eagles are winners of five in a row. That includes big Ws over contenders like the Dolphins, Bills, Cowboys and Chiefs.

The 49ers felt that their chances when the teams met last time, in the NFC championship game, came down to an injury to Brock Purdy.  He was removed from the game when he suffered an elbow injury that required surgery and Deebo Samuel said the 49ers only lost because they had “10 men” on offense.

The Eagles have responded by saying that the 49ers whined too much about the Purdy mishap.

“Talk is cheap,” Haason Reddick of the Eagles said. “They get to come back in the Linc. It was a lot of boo-hoos, a lot of crying, a lot of what-if, a lot of this, a lot of that. They gat a chance to come back in here, line that sh** up and prove it again.”

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