Jadeveon Clowney Makes Key Change in Free Agency

Seattle Seahawks

Getty Jadeveon Clowney has yet to make his free agent decision.

Seattle Seahawks free-agent Jadeveon Clowney has once again fired his agent Bus Cook, per Pro Football Talk. Clowney also fired Cook last offseason only to rehire his former agent days later, but the pass rusher is clearly not happy with the lack of a long-term deal at his desired price tag.

“It’s unknown when the termination of Cook specifically happened, whether Clowney remains in the five-day window that prevents him from hiring a new agent, and whether Cook waived the five-day window,” Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio detailed.

Pro Football Talk reported that Clowney is expected to hire Kennard McGuire as his new agent. For Clowney to have a chance to play in Week 1, the pass rusher will need to sign with a team this weekend given the COVID-19 testing protocols.

Clowney Is Expected to Sign With a Team After Cut Day

The Clowney sweepstakes appear to be nearing a close, but so far the pass rusher remains unsigned. According to ESPN’s Dianna Russini, Clowney is waiting until after cut day on September 5 in hopes that teams will have a bit more cap space to use on a potential deal.

“I’m told Clowney has been advised to wait for cut day to wrap up this weekend, as teams involved, including others, could possibly have extra money to pay the free agent,” Russini tweeted. “Either way, its Clowney’s call.”

The Saints and Titans have both been linked to Clowney in recent days. NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported the Saints are sending an “all-out blitz” at Clowney in an attempt to get a deal done prior to Week 1.

“The Saints are sending an all-out blitz to try to sign Jadeveon Clowney, who has spoken multiple times to coach Sean Payton, sources tell me and @RapSheet,” Pelissero noted on Twitter. “At least two other teams still involved as Clowney’s extended free-agent saga nears a close.”

Russini added that the Saints sent members of their coaching staff to meet with Clowney in Houston as part of their final push.

NFL Teams Reportedly Have Had Trouble Getting in Contact With Clowney

Clowney’s break-up with Cook comes after Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson reported there was tension within the pass rusher’s camp. Robinson added that potential suitors have had trouble getting in contact with Clowney throughout the offseason.

“I think the frustration is, not only that we’re at this point and people are like he doesn’t even seem to understand the number,” Robinson noted on the Yahoo Sports NFL Podcast. “I’m even hearing from people who are talking within Clowney’s camp that he is not really fully talking to people that represent him. Look, Bus Cook, his agent, I’ll put it to you this way, I feel pretty confident in saying that Clowney has not always been in the greatest amount of communication with his own agent. I feel pretty confident in saying there are times when teams have reached out to Bus Cook and said, ‘Hey, let’s talk about this. Let’s get moving.’ And it’s been a slow process largely because Bus Cook could not get Jadeveon Clowney to either answer or communicate or whatever. It’s just a lot, man. It’s just a lot to be dealing with.”

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