Seahawks Reveal Pete Carroll Had Surgery

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Getty The Seahawks continue to be linked to Antonio Brown.

The Seattle Seahawks players were not the only ones who used the bye week to get healthy as Pete Carroll underwent knee surgery. Carroll has been using a cane and golf cart during practices to get around. The Seahawks coach admitted he was a little too aggressive in his rehab which caused Carroll to have a setback in his recovery.

“I had to wait for a scope opportunity on the bye week,” Carroll explained, per “My rehab was going really well, then if you can imagine this, I overdid it a little bit too much. Not that I wasn’t warned from everybody that knows me that was here that I probably was going to do that. I guess I wanted them to feel good about calling the shot, and they were all right. I went too far, too fast, so I took a little step back.”

Despite being one of the oldest NFL coaches, Carroll loves moving around during practice and talking to the various position groups. Carroll is not expected to have to alter his plans to coach on the sidelines in the coming weeks.

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The Seahawks-Cardinals Game Was Moved to Sunday Night Football

Carroll will coach the Seahawks against the Cardinals in a game that was flexed to Sunday Night Football. It begins a difficult stretch of games for the Seahawks and the team’s first divisional matchup of the season. Carroll is anxious to see how the Seahawks hold up during a challenging part of the schedule.

“I think this is as tough as it gets,” Carroll noted, via “I don’t know that anybody’s got to play a row of teams like this. A month from now, we’ll have a pretty good feel for how everything’s fit.”

The NFC West is once again one of the best divisions in the NFL, and Carroll understands the difficult games that lie ahead.

“It’s exciting to see the division come back around like this,” Carroll added. “We’ve seen it go kind of up and down over the years, and it always seems to keep coming back strong, and we’re strong again—everybody can play football. Injury factors have entered into some of the play of the teams, and as everybody kind of finds their way gets back to balance, it’s a really difficult schedule for us. So we’ll take them one week at a time, and we’re going to play every one of them like it’s the only game in the world and go for it, and that’s what we’re doing this week.”

Carroll Loves the Seahawks Close Finishes to Games

If the Seahawks-Cardinals matchup comes down to the wire, it will be no surprise but do not expect Carroll to be worried. The Seahawks are known for their close finishes which can be stressful for the 12s. Carroll does not view it the same way instead choosing to see the tight fourth quarters as a way for the Seahawks to build confidence for the rest of the season.

“Another thing is that the experience that these guys have, it just fortifies why they believe,” Carroll told ESPN. “It just adds on, adds on, adds on to why they should keep hanging and fighting tough and outlasting people that we’re playing. Because when you finish, you have to outlast the other guys. That’s what our guys understand, and they know it, and they’re developing a discipline based on the experience and the confidence that they’re getting, because that’s all we’ve been doing for five weeks now.”

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