Insider Reveals Tension in Seahawks Over ‘Checked out’ Russell Wilson

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Getty Russell Wilson intends to play into his 40's.

There is a difference between the messages the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson are sending about the future compared to the multiple reports that point to another potentially contentious offseason. The Athletic’s Michael-Shawn Dugar reported there are people within the Seahawks organization that believe Wilson has “checked out.”

Dugar did not specify where these are players, coaches or front office executives, but it is not a good sign regardless. Wilson has had nearly a flawless approval rating in terms of his leadership prior to this season.

“I don’t get that [the idea the he’s checked out] from Russ, I just don’t,” Dugar detailed on the December 27 edition of the Seahawks Man 2 Man podcast. “However, I have heard that there are people in the building who feel that way, that he has checked out. Now, do they know a little bit more than me because they’re in the building and I’m not? Perhaps, I don’t know, I can’t validate their thoughts there. I can only share them, and I say that I do think it is notable that there are people [closer] to the situation than me who do think that.

“Like I said, I don’t necessarily. …I just don’t get that vibe. But people who are much closer, who could get that vibe, there are people who do think that. And that I think is perhaps more important than what me or Chris thinks in this scenario.”

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‘Signifcant Changes’ Could be Coming for Seahawks, Says Insider

VideoVideo related to insider reveals tension in seahawks over ‘checked out’ russell wilson2021-12-28T14:30:40-05:00

It would be a surprise if there were not changes made this offseason to some combination of the Seahawks coaching staff, front office or key players. CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora expects the Wilson trade talks to heat up again after the season.

“The prospect of a blockbuster trade remains very real, given the issues between the sides and sources said there could also be significant changes coming to the Seattle organization as well, with the team at a crossroads,” La Canfora detailed on December 26. “Sources said ownership has not been pleased with the results of the past few seasons. While coach Pete Carroll, 70, who has final say on all football matters, has long made it clear the idea of a rebuild without Wilson holds no appeal to him, the team has few other significant trade chips that could kickstart the type of rebuild that others in the organization believe might be in order.”

Some Members of the Seahawks Believe Wilson ‘Might Not be in It All the Way’: Report

Seahawks Man 2 Man: Time For The Seahawks To RebuildSeattle’s loss to the Bears shows just how much this team needs a rebuild. But whose fault is that the Seahawks are at this point? Michael-Shawn and Christopher answer that question and many more regarding every angle of the Seahawks’ future from Russ to Pete Carroll to John Schneider to Jody Allen, Bobby Wagner, Quandre…2021-12-27T17:45:00Z

Dugar emphasized that not everyone believes Wilson has “checked out.” It is still concerning and appears to be a lingering conversation from the way Wilson went public with his frustration last offseason. Given the way this season has gone, there is growing speculation that Wilson will not go quietly into the offseason.

“That there are people inside the building who are like, ‘I think [No. 3] might not be in it all the way,'” Dugar added. “Now, like I said, whether they’re right, who knows, but the fact that that’s [something], I’ve never heard that before. I’ve never heard that ever and maybe that’s tied to his performance. I don’t know, maybe that’s his performance coupled with how his offseason went and how he was kind of half foot out the door, half not in the offseason.

“Maybe that contributes to it, but yeah, I don’t think he’s checked out but the fact that there are people in the building who apparently feel that way, that’s something. That’s another reason, that’s another inflection point, damn near. That’s another reason to suggest that this thing with Russ, John and Pete just can’t last. Somebody of those three has to go, at least one, maybe two.”

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