Tyler Lockett Calls Out Media, Fans for ‘Reaching’ on Postgame Comment

Tyler Lockett

Getty Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett responded to a stir on social media after his postgame press conference on October 30.

Life is good right now for the Seattle Seahawks. They have won four of the last five, including three in a row. Two of those three victories have come against opponents with winning records.

Seattle wide receiver Tyler Lockett has enjoyed the ride, but it sounds as though some members of the media and maybe some fans have temporarily taken some of the fun out of the winning streak.

Lockett took to Twitter to clarify comments he made during his postgame press conference on October 30 after the Seahawks beat the New York Giants 27-13 in Week 8. The wide receiver implied in the tweet that members of the media were “reaching” for a story that wasn’t there.

“People need to stop reaching! I’ve said this quote like 5-10 times since I’ve been in the league,” Lockett tweeted. “Stop looking for a story and just let us enjoy our team.”

What Lockett Said After Beating the Giants

During his postgame press conference, Lockett received a pretty standard “how are the Seahawks winning this year” type of question. On the surface, the receiver provided a nice but not too unusual of an answer.

“It’s amazing what we can accomplish when nobody cares who gets the credit, my high school coach used to always talk about that.” Lockett said. “When you look at this team that we have, we have a bunch of guys that are willing to buy in.

“When you look at the rookie class, they probably haven’t said 500 words since they’ve been here. They just put their heads down and work.”

As one can see in the video, Lockett did his postgame press conference with fellow wide receiver DK Metcalf and quarterback Geno Smith on the podium as well. Smith could be seen nodding his head when Lockett talked about the unselfishness of the team, and both Smith and Metcalf laughed when Lockett began discussing the Seahawks impressionable rookie class.

But not everyone online took Lockett’s comments as strictly positive. Instead, some saw the receiver’s answer as a dig to former Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

Lockett Sends Dig to His Former Quarterback?

From his disappointing play to his unusual airplane routine and everything in between, Wilson has been a punching bag for jokes this season. So it’s natural to think Lockett was piling on his former quarterback with his comments about the team not caring about who gets the credit this season.

ESPN’s Brady Henderson reported Wilson and the Seahawks relationship deteriorated because the quarterback felt Seattle head coach Pete Carroll and the organization were “holding him back.” Wilson won a lot of games, including two NFC Championships and a Super Bowl, early in his career. But by 2020, it was clear individual awards had become important to Wilson too.

“I don’t want a vote,” Wilson said early in the 2020 season when talking about the fact that he had never received an MVP vote previously. “I think more importantly, I want to win. Obviously, MVP is a special award.”

Passing more and “letting Russ cook” didn’t align with the ideology of Carroll and the Seahawks.

“The divorce was inevitable and was many years in the making,” former Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin told Henderson. “The reasons are multiple, but ultimately, I think it comes down to a difference of pursuits.”

The Seahawks weren’t expected to contend this season after trading away Wilson to the Denver Broncos. But despite starting Smith, who was Wilson’s backup last year, the Seahawks are in first place in the NFC West near the midway point of the year.

Knowing only those details, it’s easy to see why fans took Lockett’s response as a dig.

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Lockett Claps Back After Postgame Comment

Before Lockett clarified his own comments, Seahawks reporter Alyssa Charlston of Fox 13 Seattle argued that the wide receiver had no alternative intentions with his postgame comments other than praise for his own team this season.

Charlston pointed to the fact that Lockett has been a Wilson supporter and close friend of the quarterback’s even after the trade, implying that it was unlikely that Lockett meant his comments to be a dig.

Despite that defense, it was good of Lockett to come forward with his own tweet. That way, it’s clear there was no ill will in the receiver’s postgame press conference.

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