Steelers vs. Washington TV Channel: Why Can’t I Watch NFL Game?

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NFL fans looking to tune into the Pittsburgh Steelers and Washington Football Team matchup may be disappointed as the game is only broadcast regionally on Fox when it kicks off at 5 p.m. Eastern. This means fans will only be able to view the game if it was originally scheduled to be broadcast in your area, or if you have a DirecTV subscription.

Here is a look at the broadcast map which shows the areas in red will be able to watch the game live on Fox, while the grey areas will only be able to view the matchup with a DirecTV subscription.

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According to 506 Sports, DirecTV is making the game available even if you are not subscribed to NFL Sunday Ticket by tuning into channel No. 712. The game will not be on the RedZone channel, but NFL Network will be offering a re-air of the contest tonight, December 7 at 8:30 p.m. Eastern. The Washington-Steelers matchup was originally scheduled to be on Sunday, December 6 but was moved as a result of the Steelers-Ravens game getting pushed back to Wednesday, December 2 during the previous Week 12 schedule.

Mike Tomlin Called the Steelers Performance vs. Ravens ‘Unacceptable’

The Steelers were able to remain undefeated against the Ravens but head coach Mike Tomlin was not pleased with the performance. Tomlin is hoping for a much better outing against Washington, even if it was rescheduled.

“It was in all three phases,” Tomlin explained, per CBS Sports. “We couldn’t run the ball effectively when we needed to. We dropped too many significant passes, very capable, makable passes. We didn’t make significant plays in the special teams game. Our kickoff coverage unit wasn’t good enough. We turned the [expletive] ball over. We gave up big plays in critical moments on defense. Can’t have it. They converted a long run on a possession down before the half. Unacceptable. They have a 70-yard late in the game. Unacceptable.”

The Bills-49ers Monday Night Football Game Is on ESPN

The good news is the Bills-49ers Monday Night Football game will be broadcast nationally on ESPN as scheduled at 8:15 p.m. Eastern. This was the original Monday Night Football matchup, but the Steelers-Washington game was moved to create an impromptu doubleheader. The 49ers will be the “home” team but will be playing the matchup at the Cardinals’ stadium as Santa Clara County banned games from taking place as a result of COVID-19 protocols.

Fans will get a bonus day of NFL football as the Cowboys-Ravens game was moved to Tuesday, December 8. Since it was already scheduled to be a nationally televised game, the Cowboys-Ravens matchup will be broadcast on both NFL Network and Fox at 8:05 p.m. Eastern.

The NFL has had to be flexible with its schedule which has resulted in both Tuesday and Wednesday games in Week 12 and 13. So far, the NFL has yet to cancel any games and is on track to finish the regular season as scheduled on Sunday, January 3, 2021. It continues to be a week-by-week experiment that is fluid as COVID-19 continues to surge across the country.

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