Tom Brady Breaks His 40-Yard Dash Time (24 Years Later)


Getty Brady talking to the press

Tom Brady is obviously already well-known worldwide. The “greatest-of-all-time” is famous in the NFL for his many excellent skills, including leadership, quick mind, and exceptional accuracy. Now, he can add “speed” to the seemingly ever-growing list. With the NFL Combine currently happening, Brady decided to take a second chance at the 40-yard dash that he first attempted 24 years ago.

On February 29, the NFL Twitter page tagged the seven-time Super Bowl Champion in a video. The video caption reads, “46-year-old Tom Brady ran a faster 40-yard dash than he did at the combine over 20 years ago.”

In 2000, the quarterback ran a 5.28 second 40-yard dash, which was the slowest time for that position for 10 years. 

Indeed, in 2024, the 46-year-old quarterback redeemed himself by running a 5.12 second 40-yard dash, an impressive .16 seconds less than when he was just 22 years old. 

On the morning of February 29, Brady posted a video to Twitter that showed him preparing for his grand redemption.

“Twenty-four years ago, I ran a 5.28 40-yard dash,” Brady said.

“This is not the true measure of a man, okay? Let me just get that straight.”


The video continued on, featuring Brady’s lead up to the big challenge. It eventually captured the exact moment he crossed the finish line, and the stopwatches that recorded his time.

The first stopwatch recorded 5.18 seconds, which is already better than the former quarterback’s original time. Shortly after, the second stopwatch clocked him at 5.12 seconds. 

The 46-year-old has been an advocate for physical and mental health for the past decade. It’s safe to say that this increase in speed, against the odds, is a direct result of the work he has been putting in.

Schrager: “Not an endorsement, this is just cool”


Speaking of the NFL Combine, this year is just the second year that the event has been sponsored by Nobull, the brand that Brady’s former TB12 company has merged with.

On February 27, NFL Network’s Peter Schrager took to Twitter after stumbling into the “Nobull Athlete HQ” at the combine. 

Schrager displayed in his video how the company has essentially given the athletes a place to train before the combine.

“Not an endorsement, this is just cool,” Schrager said.

“For years, when the players would train and do their running, they would go into a hallway in a convention hall. You’d see players like Ja’Marr Chase sprinting in a convention hall.” 

Schrager alluded to the fact that the company is changing the atmosphere for the NFL Combine and its participants.  

In a statement released shortly after the merger of Nobull and TB12, Mike Repole spoke on behalf of the partnership of him and Brady.

“Nobull will change the game in training and nutrition and Tom is the perfect partner to start this journey with as we support those determined to reach their mental, physical and nutritional goals.”

Brady: “Sub 5.00 Next Year”

But wait, the Brady confidence doesn’t stop there. 

As if traveling back in time to beat your 22-year-old former self in a race isn’t enough, Brady didn’t stop there. Shortly after the video surfaced, Brady reposted it with the caption, “Sub 5.00 next year, level up.”

Could we see Brady follow this up and defy the laws of aging yet again?

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