Tom Brady Named a Potential Replacement QB for AFC Contender

Tom Brady

Getty Tom Brady comeback rumors are still a thing.

Tom Brady unretirement rumors won’t die in the month of the dead, especially when a playoff contender such as the Cleveland Browns desperately need a quarterback.

CBS Sports’ John Breech suggested Brady as an option to fill-in for injured quarterback Deshaun Watson, who went down with a shoulder injury. Brady, the former New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers superstar, retired on February 1, and he’s maintained that status since.

“The Browns have a strong roster from top to bottom and the addition of Brady would potentially make them a Super Bowl contender. It will be interesting to see if the Browns reach out,” Breech wrote, “because if they do, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him at least contemplate taking the job, considering it would give him a legitimate shot at an eighth Super Bowl ring.”

As Breech pointed out, the New York Jets previously had reason to toy with luring Brady out of retirement after quarterback Aaron Rodgers‘ Achilles injury. Breech noted that wouldn’t have suited Brady well because “the Jets have a bad offensive line, and it would have been tough for Brady to survive behind that” this season.

Tom Brady on a Comeback: ‘Next Question’

Cleveland has a stronger offensive line, Breech pointed out, but that might not be enough for Brady. The seven-time Super Bowl champion shot down the Jets idea quickly on his “Let’s Go!” podcast earlier this season.

“Next question,” Brady said on the podcast. “You already know. I love being with you guys on Mondays and I love what we got going.”

With that said, Brady did that podcast during his NFL career. For now, Brady remains retired with his NFL broadcasting career with FOX around the corner.

Rob Gronkowski Has a Different Idea for the Browns

Brady’s longtime sidekick, Rob Gronkowski, floated a different suggestion for the Browns than CBS Sports.

The former Patriots and Buccaneers tight end said current Patriots quarterback Mac Jones should “ask for his release”, and the Browns could claim him off of waivers. Jones recently got benched in Week 10, and speculation surfaced that his time is done in New England.

“I think Mac Jones should ultimately just go and ask for his release,” Gronkowski told podcast host Kay Adams on the “Up & Adams” show on Wednesday, November 14. “Ask for his release and then he should go sign with the Cleveland Browns and start a new career right there.”

Gronkowski, who played for the Bucs from 2020 to 2021, doesn’t believe Jones is respected in New England anymore. In reality, Jones could get snatched before the Browns have a chance if New England chose to waive the third-year quarterback.

Tom Brady Breaks Silence on ‘Omaha’ Being Stolen

After former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning admitted that the famed ‘Omaha’ call came from Brady, the former Patriots and Bucs superstar finally weighed in.

“Obviously that came from our system,” Brady said on his podcast. “Look, there’s playbooks that get passed on and passed down, and when I got to the Patriots, we had different code words and things like that.”

Brady then ranted about how Manning’s brother, Peyton Manning, used it so well during his NFL career.

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