Tyler Herro’s Girlfriend Katya Henry Cheers on Heat From NBA Bubble

Katya Elise Henry

Getty/Instagram Tyler Herro's girlfriend Katya Elise Henry joined the Heat star in the NBA Bubble.

Tyler Herro has his biggest fan joining him in the NBA Bubble as girlfriend Katya Henry cheers on the Heat as they attempt to win a championship. Henry has been giving fans an up-close look at life in the bubble as she posts photos from Heat games and the hotel to her Instagram Stories.

The couple met through Instagram and reportedly spent time together when the majority of the country was quarantining, per Sports Gossip. Henry is an Instagram model with close to eight million followers who also has her own health and fitness website where she offers a variety of products including workout programs and meal plans. During a recent blog post, Henry encouraged people to think creatively about working out.

“I want exercise to be fun for everyone that way you’re much more likely to stay motivated,” Henry noted on her website. “I switch up the exercises in my programs so working out is always exciting and different, but still with a focus on building that body. This gets your body using different muscles so your body is never getting used to the same exercise causing results to plateau. Even if you’re working out from home! At ‘Workouts by Katya’ we pride ourselves in making exercise enjoyable and a part of your everyday routine.”

NBA Players Were Required to Have ‘Longstanding Relationships’ With Bubble Guests

Henry’s presence at the NBA Bubble shows their relationship is serious. The league issued stringent guidelines that players’ guests had to meet in order to be invited. Each qualified person had to go through the COVID-19 protocols, including a quarantine once they arrived at Disney. Guests were not permitted into the bubble without “an established pre-existing, personal and known relationship,” per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

“Families and guests will be required to quarantine for seven days off-site from the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex or three days in the team’s market before taking a franchise charter flight to Orlando and then four more days on the Disney campus, the memo said,” Wojnarowski detailed.

Guests were not allowed to enter the NBA Bubble until after the first round of the NBA playoffs. This allowed the NBA to keep the bubble from growing larger as eight teams with players, coaches and staff members exited Orlando.

“The NBA and NBPA negotiated the broader inclusion of family and friends after the first round of the playoffs, essentially agreeing to replace the population of exiting team traveling parties with as many as four guests per player, plus additional exceptions for children,” Wojnarowski noted.

Herro Made the NBA Finals as a Rookie

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The work is workin.

A post shared by Tyler Herro (@nolimitherro) on Sep 8, 2020 at 8:28pm PDT

Many players fail to make one NBA Finals appearance, much less compete for a championship in their rookie season. That is just what Herro did in his first NBA season as the sharpshooter has been a key player during the Heat’s finals run. During the NBA playoffs, Herro emphasized that he wants “big moments.”

“I live for the big moments,” Herro noted, per NBA.com. “I want the big moments. My teammates and coaches trust me, they feed life into me but that’s what we work for as players, the big moments. I love being on the big stage.”

Henry took to Twitter after the Heat punched their ticket to an NBA Finals matchup against the Lakers.


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