The Ultimate Fighter 11: Episode 10 Recap

LAST WEEK: Seth Baczynski gets disqualified for punting Brad Tavares in the head with a World Cup-quality soccer kick. Tito goes ballistic because he thinks Tavares is faking. And then Chuck gets the bad news: Tito has pulled out of their season-ending fight, which causes Chuck extreme anguish.

We open where we left off last week, with Chuck telling Dana that he knew Tito would pull out of the fight. In fact, Chuck told Dana on the first day of the tapings that Tito was going to pull out of the fight, and now he’s vindicated.

Dana says he got a text from Tito saying that his neck was injured, he needed surgery and he was pulling out of the fight. Chuck tells Dana not to let Tito fight any more, unless Chuck gets to fight him — that’s a different story. Chuck says he only did the show because he would get to punch Tito in the head afterwards, and now that’s been taken away from him. Dana tells Chuck he’s still going to fight at the end of the show.

Chuck breaks the bad news to his team, calling Ortiz all manner of names while Ortiz sits listening in the next room. Ortiz says Chuck doesn’t understand. After the Forrest Griffin fight, he apparently had “tingleness” in his ear and his legs and arms were going numb.


Josh Bryant (186) vs. Jamie Yager (185)

Jamie tells the house that he’s got a fight tomorrow, so he’s going to sleep. Everybody finds this hilarious, of course, and Nick does his imitation of Jamie with an airhorn. Jamie says he feels like his fights are over too quickly for anybody to see what he’s all about. Yeah, that’s a real problem to have right there.

Josh says he’s not looking past anybody. He’s going to try to take advantage of Jamie’s weaknesses.


Jamie says that Josh hasn’t fought anybody with the kind of speed he brings to the table. Josh says that being short is actually an advantage for him because he likes to get inside and throw punches.


Jamie is easily the most prolific trash talker of this season, and it came back to bite him during this fight. He was able to use his speed during the first round to keep Bryant mostly off-balance, mixing in lightning-quick leg kicks that kept Bryan from coming inside where he felt he would be most effective. He even landed a partial jumping head kick that looked like something pulled straight from a kung fu movie.

In the second round, however, Bryant was able to secure a takedown, and from there he smothered Yager and completely tired him out with short elbows and punches. Bryant was so effective in tiring Yager out, in fact, that Yager quit on his stool and refused to come out for the third round. Tito implored him not to quit, but Yager wouldn’t budge, so Josh Bryant wins the fight.

Winner: Josh Bryant by TKO

The worst part of the above fight? The unnamed clown in the audience who kept yelling “heeeey” whenever Yager scored with an offensive maneuver. I had to mute the television after three minutes of that nonsense.