Five Fights To Make After UFC 125

Brian Stann

Five fights we’d like to see coming out of UFC 125

LAS VEGAS – With UFC 125 firmly in the record books, let’s take this opportunity to look at potential bouts for some of the participants.

We won’t list the third Edgar/Maynard bout because we know that’s already happening at some point in 2011. Instead, we’ll look at some of the guys on the rest of the card and try to figure out where they go from here.


Silva looked like a monster against Brandon Vera. But then again, it was Brandon Vera. In Jackson, Silva would face an opponent who has little desire to go to the ground and grapple. The end result would be a stand-up war with two heavy-hitting light heavyweights.

A win for Jackson cements his standing as a top contender for the light heavyweight title, while a Silva victory would vault him up the rankings and put him near title contention.


He’s likely heading for a clash with Wanderlei Silva, but in a perfect world, I’d put Stann and Bisping on the next Ultimate Fighter season as opposing coaches. It’s a picture-perfect storyline, especially when you consider that the winter TUF coaches typically face off around July 4th.

The American Hero vs. the biggest British star in MMA? It’s no Revolutionary War, but it’s a storyline that’s easy to sell, and the fight would feature lots of exciting striking. It’s also a fight that could easily co-main event a United States PPV or headline a free card from the United Kingdom.


This one hinges on Pettis’ willingness to take a fight instead of waiting to face the winner of the Edgar/Maynard rematch. Knowing Pettis, I strongly suspect he’ll opt not to wait on the sidelines and will ask for a fight in the meantime, and who better to welcome him to the UFC than Clay Guida?

The ultra-popular Guida is nearing title contention and would be a stiff challenge for the WEC lightweight champ. If Pettis pulls out the win, he’ll have silenced all of the critics who believe he’s not worthy of a UFC title shot in his first bout with the promotion. If Guida wins, you simply give him the title shot Pettis was promised.


Poirier has been in full beast mode for two fights, completely dismantling Zack Micklewright and Josh Grispi. He reminds me of a featherweight version of Chuck Liddell who stalks his opponent and looks for the knockout. Nunes, meanwhile, is coming off a win over Mike Brown made all the more impressive when you consider that he couldn’t actually see out of one eye for much of the fight.

Grispi was supposed to get a shot against Jose Aldo, but Poirier made the world realize Grispi wasn’t ready. Nunes would provide the perfect opponent to see if Poirier is ready to face top competition.


Kim wants to face Georges St. Pierre. That’s obviously not going to happen at any point in the future, so why not let him try his hand against the last guy to face St. Pierre? Kim was able to out-wrestle Nate Diaz, but it’s well known that Diaz can’t really wrestle. Koscheck would present a stiff challenge for the Korean and give him the opportunity to back up the comments he made after beating Diaz.