UFC 125 Preliminary Results

LAS VEGAS — Heavy.com is live on the scene in Las Vegas, Nevada to bring you all the action from the preliminary card of UFC 125.

Tonight’s undercard action includes three fights that will be broadcast live on Ion, along with three others that will not be shown anywhere. Join us at 7:30 p.m. ET for live results from the early action of “UFC 125: Resolution.”


Jacob Volkmann d. Antonio McKee by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

McKee made his intentions clear early, shooting for several takedowns throughout the first half of the opening frame. However, after fending off the takedown attempts, Volkmann was the one who took the fight to the ground, but only momentarily. An uneventful first round went “Christmas'” way, but he certainly didn’t run away with it.

At the start of the second round, McKee began to let loose with his hands, but that could not stop Volkmann from working his wrestling and taking his opponent’s back early. McKee defended the choke for over two minutes, but, although he survived the round, he definitely did not win it.

The third round was much more like the first, as Volkmann seemed to be content with his performance in the first two frames, while McKee had basically no sense of urgency to earn the finish he needed. After very little action, McKee earned a slam late, but could not capitalize. While he may have taken the round with his late efforts, he fell well short in the first two.

Daniel Roberts d. Greg Soto by submission, Round 1

Roberts was the first to attempt to work the fight to the ground, earning a takedown early. However, Soto locked in a guillotine choke that appeared to be deep. Roberts forced his head out, and the two stood back in the center of the cage once again.

Shortly after, Roberts looked for the takedown once again, but, after avoiding any submissio attempts from Soto, he was ready to finish this fight. Roberts set up a kimura after a bit of ground and pound, and Soto was forced to tap out at 3:45 of Round 1.

Diego Nunes d. Mike Brown by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Nunes opened up this featherweight tilt with several kicks, while Brown opted for the takedown. Nunes defended the initial shot, but Brown earned the takedown midway through the first round. While Nunes managed to work his way back up momentarily, he took nearly 20 knees before Brown slammed him back down to the mat. Over one minute before the end of the round, Nunes worked his way back up to the feet. He landed several nice shost, but Brown’s takedowns and power punches won the former featherweight champion the round.

The second round began the same as the first, as Nunes threw several kicks to open up the action. Brown was the first to shoot for the takedown, but Nunes avoided and moved to the clinch. The fighters separated midway through the round, and Nunes landed the better shots, including a spinning back kick. However, after committing to a power punch, Nunes was taken down by Brown. Nunes managed to stand back up before the end of the round, likely taking the second with a score of 10-9.

After a one-minute break in between rounds, Nunes came out to start the final frame with leg kicks once again. Brown earned an early takedown shortly after, but Nunes quickly stood back up, eye swollen badly from a knee in the first round. The two clinch at the midpoint of the round, and Nunes controls it by pressing Brown against the cage. They separate, and Brown opts to move the fight back to the floor, taking Nunes’ back. However, Brown can’t keep it down. A late takedown by Brown almost earned him the victory, but Nunes’ striking ended up as the deciding factor.

Brad Tavares d. Brad Tavares by knockout, Round 1

Tavares began this contest with several nice leg kicks, while Baroni, in desperate need of a victory, took his time to pick a good spot. A big left hand by Baroni floored Tavares, and the veteran looked for a choke. Tavares escaped, but Baroni ended up in the young gun’s half guard, looking for ground and pound. Tavares managed to work his way back up and looked for the takedown with two minutes to go.

However, Baroni avoided the takedown, and the two stood and banged. Tavares managed to land a big head kick that dazed the aging Baroni and he managed to finish the fight with vicious punches while the time was running down.

Dustin Poirier d. Josh Grispi by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Both fighters began the action feeling loose, throwing leg kicks and combinations. The fighters clinched as they approached the minute mark, and Grispi appeared to be getting the better of it. However, when the fighters separated, Poirier landed a vicious combo that had Grispi against the cage. A brief scramble led to the fighters hitting the mats, then moving back to the feet quickly. Poirier landed several big shots to the body before Grispi fell to the mat.

Back to the feet, Poirier unleashed on the man who was supposed to fight Jose Aldo before the champion was injured, and the action moved back to the floor. With one minute to go, Grispi looked for the kimura, while Poirier attempted to maintain his composure as the round ended.

After a big first round for the underdog, Grispi looked to open up on the feet. However, it did not take long for him to look for the takedown, taking a knee in the process. The fighters clinched, and Poirier opened up, landing a big elbow and a nice combination. The two scrambled once again, and Grispi looked for the guillotine, but lost it. Poirier rolled to top position and allowed his opponent to stand back up.

After restarting in the center, the two featherweights clinced, and Poirier began landing big knees before Grispi elected to drop to the floor with two minutes to go. Grispi attempted to lock on a triangle from bottom position, but Poirier slammed him into the mat. The fighters stood as the round came to the close, and Poirier once again finished the round with a brutal onslaught.

The third round began with the two fighters exchanging with combinations, though nothing significant landed. After brief exchanges in the clinch and a short ground battle, they both moved back to the feet, where Poirier once again held the advantage. However, changing the momentum, Grispi landed a takedown, looking for a submission opportunity. With 45 seconds to go, Gripi moved to side control, in desperate need of a finish. Poirier rolled back to full guard and attempted to hold Grispi down. The Louisiana native was successful, and though he lost the round, he managed to take home the victory.

Jeremy Stephens d. Marcus Davis by knockout, Round 3

The lightweights touched gloves to start the contest, and Stephens charged forward with an intense look on his face. Davis countered early, but neither was able to land anything significant. After a brief clinch, Davis separated, still looking to counter his powerful foe. Stephens then looked for a takedown, but Davis reversed and tripped him to the floor. Stephens managed to work his way back up, but Davis made him pay with a vicious hook. However, instead of coming after his opponent, Davis mysteriously elected to clinch, which is how the round came to a close.

Stephens came out strong to begin the second, throwing big punches, none of which landed. He then opted to work his leg kick, which did land consistently. The two stood in the center of the cage, trading punches, though none seemed to do any damage. Davis looked for the clinch two minutes into the round, and the two spent well over one minute in the clinch. Davis finally got the fight down, but Stephens looked for the kimura. Davis managed to escape the submission attempt, and the fighters finished the round exchanging elbows and punches on the ground.

The third round of the unexciting contest began with Stephens throwing wildly, though he missed on the majority of attempts. The fighters exchanged on the feet for the next two minutes, but, once again, nothing big landed for either. Stephens, who was edging Davis on the feet just slightly, continued to look for the big shot to finish the fight. And he finally found it, landing an incredible right hook that put “The Irish Hand Grenade” to sleep, followed by a second punch to his downed opponent to seal the deal.

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