UFC 130 Main Card Results and Live Blog

Round-by-Round coverage of the UFC 130 main card

LAS VEGAS — After an entertaining preliminary card highlighted by a grappling duel between Demetrious Johnson and Miguel Torres, the UFC 130 main card promises to be equally thrilling.

Brian Stann (10-3-0) vs. Jorge Santiago (23-8-0)

Herb Dean is the third man in the ring.

Round 1 – Stann is first to act, throwing a 1-2 with a leg kick to find range. The USA chant starts for some reason; FYI Jorge Santiago has lived here for a while. Both guys looking to find the distance. Santiago wades in and Stann lands a couple good hands. Counter right and a leg kick causes Santiago to slip. Through 90 seconds and Santiago hasn’t done much. Small mouse forming under Stann’s left eye. Santiago throws and Stann counters with power. Everything his throws is heavy. Big leg kick send Santiago backwards, but the Brazilian regroups and comes forward with a headlock. Stann using more leg kicks than I’ve seen from him before. Another round of the USA chant. Two minutes left. Big left from Stann drops Santiago. Stann pounces with heavy hands. Into Santiago’s stacked guard pressed against the fence. One minute left. More heavy shots from Stann as Santiago is pretty much trapped. Good elbow from Stann connects solid. 30 seconds. Santiago tries to get out but Stann drops two more on his head. Up in space to end the round. Heavy scores it 10-9 for Brian Stann.

Round 2 – Santiago connects with a good right off the bat. Shots for a single behind a weak jab and Stann stuffs it. Pressed into the fence, Stann breaks away. Another heavy leg kick  from Stann, and he catches Santiago coming in with a good right hand. Santiago looks slow with his striking. Stann breathing heavy from his mouth, but stalking Santiago, clearly the aggressor. Santiago goes for a weak takedown again and is stuffed. Another leg kick from Stann goes unchecked. Stann is quicker to the punch, clipping Santiago as he comes in. Santiago is backing up with his chin high when he gets hit and Stann is capitalizing on it. Everything Stann throws is meant to do damage; no wasted punches form the former WEC light heavyweight champ. 90 seconds to go and Stann connects with a good left as Santiago backs up. Santiago tries a flying knee and eats a straight right hand. Santiago wades in behind a weak hook and Stann clocks him. Santiago is down and Stann starts dropping serious heat. Herb Dean jumps in and stops the fight; Santiago is out.

Official Result: Brian Stann by TKO (Punches) – Round 2 (4:29)

Thiago Alves (18-7-0) vs. Rick Story (12-3-0)

Kim Winslow with the call in this welterweight grudge match.

Round 1 – Story comes out stalking Alves, throwing hands to find his range. Alves lands a leg kick and Story presses in for the first of what should be numerous takedown attempts from the wrestler. Alves back to his feet pretty quickly. Knee to the thigh from Story, pressing his weight onto Alves along the cage. Another pair of knees to the thigh. Story drops for the double, but there is nothing there. Alves with a body lock takedown, but both are back up quickly. Story shoots in again, pushing Alves’ back into the cage. Foot stomp from Story. Still pressed in on the cage, Alves tries to circle out, but Story shuts it down. Winslow breaks them up. Story backing down Alves, being the aggressor in space. Alves tries for the Thai clinch, but Story once again puts his back on the fence. Story’s upper body strength is the difference so far. Alves circles out momentarily, but Story back in charge on the fence. Quick flurry from Story with Alves countering, neither land much. Alves comes forward behind good hands, Story counters well too. Nice bit of action to end the round. Heavy scores it 10-9 for Story, controlling the space and dictating the position on the cage.

Round 2 – Story still pressing the action, though he’s a little slower with his hands. Into the clinch against the fence again, Story in control. Alves circles out, a welt forming over his left eye. Leg kick as Story drops for a double. Story finally gets Alves to the ground. Pitbull posts and is back to his feet quickly. Trip takedown for Alves, into half guard. Story works his way back to his feet, and we’re clinched along the cage once more. Halfway through the round. Story drops to his knees for a takedown, but Alves continues to defend well. Two minutes. Alves pushes away, Story chases him down and they’re clenched on the fence for the umpteenth time. This is the definition of a grind. Winslow separates them again. Alves slips backwards trying a headkick. Story presses in to a chorus of boos, but drags Alves to the ground. 30 seconds remain. Alves reverses on the cage, and we get a good flurry to end the second from both men. Heavy scores it 10-9 for Story and has it 20-18 Story heading into the third.

Round 3 – Both men throwing to start the third, Story landing body, Alves working up top. Good uppercut from Story, but Alves walks forward through it. Both guys still looks relatively fresh considering all the grinding on the cage. Story rushes in for a takedown, but they break after a second or two pressed into the cage. Alves should be going for the kill down 2-0 on the cards, but he’s not. Story stalking, follows up some shots to the body with another takedown attempt. Alves works for the trip, can’t get it. Halfway home in the final round. Big left hook from Alves and Story doesn’t even flinch. Story working for a single, gives it up to clinch on the fence. Alves reverses and breaks back into space. Two minutes remain. Story still the one coming forward. Another good left hook from Alves connects, and another, followed by a good right from Story. Pressed into the cage again at the one minute mark. Alves needs a knockout. Big right hook and Story keeps coming forward still. Story with the clinch on the fence, but Alves breaks free with 30 seconds to go. Story comes forward behind his hands, Alves trying to finish wiht knees. They slug it out to the bell, bringing the crowd to their feet. Heavy scores it 10-9 Alves, with Story taking the fight 29-28 on our cards.

Official Result: Rick Story defeats Thiago Alves by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Stefan Struve (21-4-0) vs. Travis Browne (10-0-1)

Steve Mazzagatti with the officiating assignment

Round 1 – The big boys are playing now. The real big boys. Struve booms a leg kick into Browne’s thigh. Comes with a headkick to follow. Backs Browne into the fence. Browne with a good elbow to the head, reverses Struve on the cage. Jesus these two are tall. Mazzagatti in to split them up. Browne wings an overhand right, and they exchange leg kicks. Both are still a little tentative, feeling out distance. Struve with the kick, Browne catches it, tags him with a left. Halfway done the round. Browne goes body, Struve goes head. Browne with a takedown, locked up in half guard. Two minutes. Browne trying to advance. Struve grabs an ankle and trips Browne as he’s backing out. Grabs a front headlock, but Browne slips out. Struve on his back, Browne backs away and we’re standing with a minute to go. Browne rushes in. Struve backs up with his chin in the air. Browne delivers a Superman punch as Struve steps in and we’re done. Lights Out!

Official Result: Travis Browne defeats Stefan Struve by Knockout – Round 1 (4:11)

Round 2 – (Computer issues to open the round.) Three minutes left and Nelson gets back to his feet. Mir still with the clinch, backing Nelson into the fence. It’s been all Mir to this point in the round. Drops for a double and dumps Nelson on his back. Nelson has one butterfly in preventing Mir from gaining mount. Nelson gets back up, but Mir still in control. Nelson reverses him into the cage. They break out into space with 90 seconds to go. Mir comes forward with a kick that Nelson catches, throwing his opponent back a bit in the break. Nelson presses in on the cage, Mir spins out momentarily looking, but Nelson brings him right back to the wall. Stalled out on the wall for the final 30 seconds of the round. Rosenthal a little slow splitting them up. Heavy scores it 10-9 Mir, giving him the 20-18 edge going to the third.

Round 3 – Nelson needs a finish and he hunts it off the bat with a big, sloppy right hand. Mir with another knee to the face from the Thai clinch. Front kick from Mir. Nelson looks beyond exhausted. Mir comes forward behind more hands, pressing Nelson into the cage. Drops for a double leg and drops Nelson to the canvas. Elbows from Mir on the ground. Mir looking to pass by Nelson defending. Mir looks at an arm, forcing Nelson to shrimp. More shots from Mir. Grabs a headlock as Nelson comes to his feet. Halfway done with the final round. Another scoop and takedown for Mir. Elbows from Mir. Slides over Nelson’s body, but that gives “Big Country” a chance to get back to his feet. Mir reverses Nelson into the cage, drops again, and dumps Nelson one more time. One minute left. Big elbows from Mir on the ground. 30 seconds to go. Nelson back to his feet. Mir ends it pressed into Nelson on the cage. Heavy scores the round 10-9 for Mir, giving him a clean sweep on the cards and a 30-27 victory.

Official Result: Frank Mir defeats Roy Nelson by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, and 30-26)

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (31-8-0) vs. Matt Hamill (10-2-0)

Herb Dean with the main event assignment.

Round 1 – Leg kick for Hamill to start things off. Tries for the head, deflected by Jackson. Rampage is stalking, looking for the power shot. Hamill charges in for the takedown, Rampage sprawls and lands hands backing out. One minute gone. Hamill bouncing on his feet, Rampage flat-footed as always. Hamill comes in behind weak punches and eats a right uppercut to the chin. Leg kick from Hamill; Jackson still doesn’t check those after all these years. Jackson still looking for the big shots; no jabs, no kicks, just hunting power. Halfway home in the opening round. Right hook/uppercut combo from Jackson. Two minutes. Hamill presses in, Jackson retreats without taking much damage. Jackson with a knee to the belly in close. 90 seconds. Hamill shoots, Jackson stuffs and stalks, has Hamill on the backpedal. One minute. Jumping, powerless jab from Hamill. Another leg kick lands from Hamill. Jackson still stalking. Stuffs a weak drop from Hamill. Lands a big hook to the body against the fence. Pushing forward behind power hands with 20 seconds to go. Body kick to punctuate the round. Hamill bleeding from his mouth. Heavy scores it 10-9 Jackson.

Round 2 – Hamill comes out with the headkick again, but Jackson blocks it and fires back with his right hand. Hamill sloppy with his takedown setups; weak hands won’t do the trick. Jackson stalking, backs up out of another takedown attempt, pushing Hamill into the fence on the end of it. Hamill tries to drop down and eats a knee to the body. Jackson with a good uppercut in close. Hamill shrugs him off. Circling in the center of the Octagon with three minutes to go. Hamill with another sloppy shot, stuffed and takes a little punishment for his trouble. Halfway home in the second frame, back in the middle of the cage. Hamill with a limp leg kick. Boos from the crowd. Two minutes to go. Hamill with a pawing jab that misses. Comes in messy with hands again, Jackson just backs up.  More boos with 90 seconds to go. The natives are getting restless. Leg kick from Hamill is the best strike of the last 90 seconds. One minute left. Jackson presses in, Hamill drops for legs, Jackson stuffs once again. Hamill misses with a left, Jackson charges in behind big hooks. Hamill covers up and clenches on the fence. Noticeable thud as Jackson connects with a punch. Round ends. Heavy scores it 10-9 Jackson, giving him a 20-18 edge heading into the final frame.

Round 3 – Rampage breathing heavy to start the round. Hamill bloodied a little. Hamill presses in behind a pawing jab that goes nowhere. Jackson swinging with bad intentions. Hamill with another weak shot that Jackson stuffs easily. Clinched in space, Hamill backs Jackson into the cage, but Rampage pushes out. Leg kick from Hamill, which has been his best weapon, and not in that Jose Aldo kind of way. Hamill’s hands just aren’t dangerous enough. Jackson moves in swinging, lands to the body, but Hamill brings the fight back to the cage wall. Complains galore from the audience. Back into space with half the round left. Jackson misses with big swings. Hamill ties up and eats a left hook on the exit. Jackson stalking, Hamill shoots and gets stuffed yet again. Jackson backs off, hands on hips with 90 seconds to go, drawing all kinds of boos from the crowd. Jackson with a knee to the body. One minute left. Pressed on the fence in front of us in Press Row. Another knee from Rampage. Hamill reverses but he’s got 30 seconds for a miracle finish. Jackson lands a flurry with 15 to go and this is a wrap. Clean sweep for Jackson on the way. Boos from the crowd. Some jackass just threw  beer and covered some photographers. Heavy scores it 10-9 Jackson, 30-27 overall.

Official Result: Quinton “Rampage” Jackson defeats Matt Hamill by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)