UFC’s Jim Miller: Milwaukee’s Best

Jim Miller

Miller ready to roll through Henderson

UFC fans don’t know who Jim Miller is. At least that’s what people say. Miller isn’t sure if he believes it.

“I think some of it has to do with me not having a nickname,” Miller recently told HeavyMMA. “If that’s the case then I’m fine with it because I’m never going to have one.”

After Clay Guida derailed the title hopes of Anthony Pettis last month, UFC President Dana White announced that Miller was next in line for a title shot once the Maynard vs. Edgar trilogy is decided. As good as that sounds, Miller knows there is an obstacle standing in his path to a title shot: former WEC lightweight champion Ben Henderson.

“I feel good right now. But the UFC saying I’m next in line for a title shot doesn’t mean anything unless I beat Ben Henderson on August 14th in Milwaukee. He’s a tough opponent and I’m looking forward to a great fight.”

Henderson has started to make a name for himself as a fighter who is nearly impossible to submit. During recent bouts – only to break free moments later. Miller doesn’t plan on letting Henderson slip away.

“The majority of my fights end up on the mat and that’s definitely somewhere where I feel I have the advantage. Ben has proven to be a tough guy to submit, but having that moniker would be the equivalent of saying a guy can take a punch. That just means he’s getting hit a lot. If people are saying that about Ben that means he’s ending up in dangerous positions and if I have the opportunity then I’m going to capitalize on it and finish the fight. Hopefully the first mistake he makes is the end of the night for him.”

After Frankie Edgar sent B.J. Penn packing from the weight class, the UFC lightweight division has turned into a shootout. Miller is aware of the stakes and ready to roll.

“The lightweight division is stacked and it’s very competitive. Pretty much on any given night any fighter can beat anybody else in the weight class. There isn’t really one fighter who has risen above the pack right now and that’s what makes it fun. You have to show up to fight. We are all really good grapplers and that makes things very interesting.”

With a victory over Henderson at UFC Live: Hardy vs. Lytle, all signs point to Miller obtaining the “next” position in the lightweight hierarchy. But the AMA Fight Club fighter isn’t one to rest on assumptions.

“I sure hope so but I’ll believe it when it happens.”