UFC on Fox Conference Call Highlights

Highlights from call with Cain Velasquez, Junior dos Santos, Dana White

Dana White says to expect lots of features breaking down the fight. They’ll be going backstage and doing interviews with each before they come out to the cage, which they’ve never done before.

– White says that the format of future shows is a work in progress. Says most of the new production changes that he’s spoken about so far – at least for UFC pay per view events – won’t take place until January, but the Fox show will look more like their other sporting events.

– White says that the heavyweight championship fight is the only fight that will be on Fox on November 12, even if the fight goes 10 seconds.

– Says 16 countries are taking this Fox fight live.

– Dana says that one of the things that has damaged the sport of boxing is that they quit putting the big fights on TV. Their goal has always been to put premiere fights on free TV and that it is the best thing for the growth of the sport. They can’t come close to making up the revenue they lose by not putting it on pay per view, but he says it is an investment in the future of the business.

Cain Velasquez says there are always butterflies before a fight but no more than usual.

Junior Dos Santos says that it was a little tough to wait so long for this fight, but the UFC gave him several great opportunities in the interim. Says he’s in peak condition mentally and physically and very excited for the fight on Fox.

– Dana says they made this particular fight the first one on Fox on purpose. Knows this fight is going to be great and the fight itself is the least of his worries.

– Dana says the fights will be free on Rogers Sportnet in Canada.

– Dana says that he’s excited about The Ultimate Fighter Brazil and that his end goal is to have several TUF season running all over the world at the same time and pit all of the different winners together in a World Cup style championship to get one final winner.

– Dana says that to finally be watching the NFL on Fox or the World Series and see promotional spots for the UFC on Fox is the proudest moment he’s ever had in this business. Also makes him incredibly happy to see these guys being recognized as the superior athletes they are by being put on the same stage as other mainstream guys.

– Dana says that the format for TUF will change totally. Will film live for 13 weeks and then will go directly into the Finale, with the coaches fighting a week later on pay per view.

– Dana reminds everyone that they don’t truly go into partnership with Fox until January.

– Dos Santos says that while he did come from a humble background, he feels that he lives a very blessed life now and is grateful for everything that he has.

– Dos Santos says he is fully prepared for a 5-round fight, but doesn’t think this fight will go five rounds. Says he’s glad that Cain took some time off to get healed as he wants to fight the best Cain Velasquez.

– Velasquez assures that his rehab went fine, it just took a long time. Says he’s happy that he went through the surgery and happy that he took the time to let it heal as he’s 100% now. Got the “ok” to train 100% in July.