UFC President Dana White Was Told He Only Had 10 Years to Live

Dana White

Getty Dana White

UFC president Dana White was told he only had “10.4 years” left to live after undergoing DNA and blood testing, which prompted a major lifestyle change.

White was recently featured on the 200th episode of “The Action Junkeez Podcast” and during the conversation, the UFC president said he worked with 10X Health System in Florida to determine his life expectancy

When the UFC president was told he was “looking lean” by one of the podcast hosts, White thanked him and then got into the story. He said that his friend of “25 years,” radio host Kerri Kasem, recommended White run some tests with the company’s founder, Gary Brecka.

“She hit me up before the summer and was like, ‘You’re one of my best friends,” White recounted. “‘You’ve been such a good friend to me, blah blah blah. There’s nothing I could ever do for you, so I’m going to do this. I’m going to introduce you to this guy named Gary Brecka — 10X Health Systems is the name of his company — and he’s a human biologist. And he’s a mortality expert. This guy can take your blood and DNA, and tell you when you’re going to die. And he’s right within a month.'”

White Went Ahead With the Testing, Was Given ‘10.4 Years to Live’

White said he became “f****** obsessed” with finding out what Brecka would about his expiration date. So, the UFC president went ahead with the testing 16 weeks ago.

“So, we’re down there for my son’s 21st birthday party and I connect with this guy,” White continued. “They come in and do my blood work and they scrape the insides of your cheeks to do your DNA. So it’s a Thurday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday we’re down there. The following Wednesday is when my results are supposed to be back. So, he calls me… and says I’m going to come out personally and walk you through your blood work.

“And I’m like, ‘Motherf*****.’ I wanted to know today when this was going to happen. So, he ends up coming out, sits down for three-and-a-half hours and goes through my blood work.”

According to White, Brecka’s findings pointed to the UFC president being “all f****d up” and that anything “that could possibly be bad is bad.”

“He gave me 10.4 years to live,” White said.

White Alluded to Increasing His Life Expectancy By Changing His Lifestyle, Including Losing 30 Pounds

“If you don’t change these things that you’re going to do, this is your life expectancy right now,” Brecka said, according to White.

“He says, ‘If you do what I tell you to do for the next 10 weeks, I promise you I’ll change your whole life,” White continued. “So, I’m one of these people that when I set my mind to do something, I absolutely do it.”

White said he did everything Brecka suggested “to the letter,” including losing 30 pounds by eating a ketogenic, low-carb diet.

And according to the UFC president, his quality of life has greatly improved. For example. White said he no longer deals with sleep apnea and excessive snoring. “Everything is gone in 10 f****** weeks. I’ve been working with doctors for 10 years that couldn’t do it.”

White wasn’t asked if Brecka recalculated his life expectancy after his lifestyle change.

According to Brecka’s LinkedIn, he is a “professional human biologist” and is the founder of Streamline Medical Group, which is now 10X Health System. “My goal is to support people so they can become their best, healthiest and living the most fulfilled lives,” his profile reads.

White called Brecka a “genius” and said he’s gotten his friends to work with the human biologist, including former UFC owners Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta.

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