Dream Fight vs. Anderson Silva: ‘Stop Duck’n Me!’

UFC Legend Anderson Silva

Getty Anderson Silva is heading to a boxing ring.

Anderson Silva’s next fight could be on the way, and it would be unlike any other contest the UFC legend has had before. Boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. challenged Silva to a superfight boxing match via Instagram on Friday.

Jones posted, “Y’all tell @spiderandersonsilva to stop duck’n me and set it up- STOP PLAYIN!!!”

Previously, Jones Jr. had revealed to TMZ Sports that he still wants to fight Silva after years of teasing the fight.

Jones said, “…my dream next fight will probably be Anderson Silva because Anderson is available now, I’m available now…we’ve been wanting to box for the longest time. Why not me and Anderson go out there and put it on for the people?”

Jones and Silva have wanted to fight each other in a crossover boxing match for a long time now.

The conversation started when both fighters were near their peaks as professional fighters in separate sports around a decade ago, but the hangup to the superfight was that UFC president Dana White would not allow Silva out of his UFC contract and did not want to help promote the boxing bout either.

Silva, 45, was released from the UFC last year, so the crossover boxing match between two all-time great legends is now possible.

Jones, 52, was last seen in a boxing ring in November 2020 when he fought Mike Tyson to an eight-round split draw. Now, Jones hopes to finally secure the superfight against Silva.

“I’m going to call him when I get home, and I’ll see what’s happening,” Jones said.

Silva on Boxing Bout: ‘I’m Very Excited’

Before his final UFC fight vs. Uriah Hall in October 2020, Silva revealed to Heavy his interest in facing Jones in a boxing match had remained quite high.

“It’s two big legends…I’m very excited. Of course, it’s an exhibition fight, but I’m very excited for it,” Silva told Heavy.

Moreover, the former UFC middleweight champion also hailed his potential boxing bout vs. Jones as a dream fight for him too.

“I dreamed the idea for that fight with the UFC a long time ago, the fight did not happen. But it’s fine,” Silva said.

Silva Wasn’t Finished Fighting in 2020

Last year, Silva told Heavy he didn’t plan on hanging up his gloves anytime soon no matter what the UFC’s plans were.

After all, Silva had lived almost his entire life as a martial artist, so he planned on continuing to do so for as long as his body would allow.

“Every single part of my life and everything I have is because martial arts give me, you know? I respect martial arts a lot and I like to study a lot the different disciplines because martial arts helped me to make my life better and helped me to understand more about who is the real Anderson Silva,” Silva said.

So while Silva departed the UFC having lost seven of his last eight fights, it didn’t mean he was ready to call it quits.

“You know, it’s tough because this sport is amazing. I just try to continue to do my best. My focus right now is on one and one thing only. I’ll check out the future after that,” Silva said.

Silva vs. Jones would come way later than first hoped, but at least it would happen.

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