LOOK: Photo of Colby Covington’s Injuries From Jorge Masvidal Attack Leaked

Getty Images Colby Covington gestures to Jorge Masvidal.

Photos of the injuries that Colby Covington allegedly suffered in Jorge Masvidal attack have been revealed.

On Monday, May 2, 2022, TMZ published a series of photos from the Miami incident.

Here’s what you need to know:

TMZ Photos Show Colby Covington With a Red Face & a Broken Tooth Following Alleged Street Attack by Jorge Masvidal

The photos, shared by TMZ, are the first images to surface following the alleged attack which occurred on March 22, 2022.

Shortly after the news broke of the altercation, Masvidal took to Twitter to further taunt Covington.

“Let’s call this the ‘show your face challenge’,” he said in the video, which has since been deleted. “What’s up, I’m from Dade County. You talk that s*** you gotta back it up. That’s how my city rolls man.”

Masvidal’s manager and good friend, Malki Kawa tweeted, “I’m hearing that a someone not from miami who says he’s the king of it is missing a tooth. Can someone confirm this? I need the video asap” on the same night as the attack.

According to MMA Junkie, who obtained a police report of the incident, “officers responded to a battery call outside the restaurant at 10:54 p.m. local time. There, they met the ‘victim,’ who fractured a tooth and suffered a wrist abrasion, alleging Masvidal ran up from his left and punched him twice in the face (once in the mouth and once in the left eye) upon leaving the restaurant. Masvidal allegedly said, ‘You shouldn’t have been talking about my kids.’ The victim described a group of “three or four other unknown males approaching him in an aggressive manner. Police said that, at that point, the victim ‘pushed one of the unknown males away and separated himself from the attackers and ran back into the Papi Steak restaurant where he contacted police.’”

Covington has never been identified as the victim due to privacy laws.

Their beef stems from years of animosity after the former teammates and friends split. Their feud came to a head when they faced off in the main event at UFC 272 where Covington won in convincing fashion.

Jorge Masvidal’s Lawyer Says Footage Shows Colby Covington Was ‘Facing’ Masvidal & the ‘Images Do Not Demonstrate an Injury Aside From a Small Chip in His Fake Tooth’

According to TMZ, the images were filed by Bradford Cohen, Masvidal’s attorney.

“Interestingly the images do not demonstrate an injury aside from a small chip in [Covington’s] fake tooth,” the attorney wrote with the images, according to the outlet. “The evidence collected thus far clearly contradicts C.C.’s allegations. C.C. claims that Defendant hit him from behind. Exclusive footage shows that during the incident, C.C. was facing the individual he identified as Defendant. In fact, C.C. was looking at Defendant head-on prior to taking the hit then appears to run from Defendant in fear.”

Masvidal’s lawyer also claims the watch which Covington says was damaged is a fake and requested the right to inspect it.

Jorge Masvidal Ordered to ‘Stay Away’ From Colby Covington Who Complains He Suffered a ‘Brain Injury’ From Assault

Just last week the charges were updated.

According to MMA Junkie, have now been updated to include alleged “brain injury” stemming from the alleged assault.

Due to the complaint, Masvidal was given a “stay-away order” which means he must “keep 25 feet away from Covington and 500 feet away from Covington’s residence. He also is not permitted to contact Covington directly or indirectly” according to the outlet.

Masvidal has pleaded not guilty.


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