UFC Veteran Says Nate Diaz Can Jump Him at Paul v Silva

UFC, Nate Diaz

Getty Nate Diaz.

Former UFC star Mike Perry is down to get jumped by fan favorite Nate Diaz at the Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva event.

Internet sensation-turned-boxer Paul is set to take on legendary mixed martial artist Silva in a boxing match in his toughest challenge yet tonight at the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona. He enters the bout with an undefeated record of five bouts against the former UFC middleweight champion, who holds the record for the longest title reign.

Diaz will be in attendance for the show to support his teammate Chris Avila, who will compete against YouTuber Doctor Mike on the undercard.

Ahead of the nearing bout between Paul and Silva, Perry talked about a potential clash with Diaz and expressed his willingness to get jumped by the Stockton native.

“He said he likes real fights,” Perry said in an interview with The Schmo. “That could be a real fight. Hi Nate, what’s up bro? Maybe I’ll see you tonight. I’ll say what’s up. You guys can jump me. I’m down. I’ve been trying to have some fun since I’ve been here. Me and Erik (Anders) are going to throw some heat at each other. He’s a lot bigger than you guys so I’m cool. We can have some fun, have some drinks.

“I don’t know if you drink, or if they have vegan tequila. It’s whatever man. I’m down. I’m here to party and fight parties.”

Perry Wants To Return to UFC

Perry has only one fight left on his current deal with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. Coming off a strong win over Michael ‘Venom’ Page in his last outing, ‘Platinum’ is looking to do bigger things ahead and hinted at a potential return to the UFC.

“What do I want? I can’t lie. I just keep thinking about the days when, I forget the name of the old matchmaker but back in the days, when Rampage and Wanderlei and Vitor Belfort they trained, traveled, and fought all over the world. In Japan in Pride and then back in the UFC. They were back and forth.

“UFC has that big show so I would like to get the money I’m getting now over there in the big show. I’ll put on a big show like I always have.”

Perry Believes Fans Miss Him in the UFC

Perry was a notable figure in the promotion during his run between Aug. 2016 and Apr. 2021. He gained attention for his outspoken personality and proved to be an entertainer in addition to a fighter.

According to Perry, a return to UFC is what the fans would like to see as well.

“The fans have been talking about it, put Perry back. I know a lot of people hate like, ‘oh, you’re not there anymore.’ I mean you ask what do I want here? It would be nice to see myself go in and out and really take control of my career and be able to be on the biggest platform that there is in the fight game. I just hope the next opportunity is going to be bigger than the last and the last was a big one.

“I wish we had more eyes on us when me and MVP fought. I thought that was a great fight. I heard there’s a couple people fighting over where I’m going to end up, if it’s MMA, boxing, or bare-knuckle boxing. I’m down for whatever.”

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