Warriors Tried Trading for All-NBA Player: Report

Devin Booker Suns

Getty Devin Booker smiles in the second half of a game against the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Golden State Warriors have tried to trade their #2 selection in the 2020 NBA Draft for an All-NBA player per ESPN’s Zach Lowe.

With news of the NBA season officially beginning on December 22nd the NBA’s offseason is in full swing. Teams are gearing up for the 72 game season and optimizing their rosters as best as they possibly can.

That includes the Golden State Warriors as they had a disappointing 15 win season, largely due to their stars not playing. Yet the orange lining is that they were selected to receive the #2 overall draft pick in the 2020 NBA Draft scheduled for Wednesday, November 18th.

The Warriors have a bevy of players to choose from who would all fit well into their scheme. However, they seemingly have other plans on their mind. Per ESPN analyst Zach Lowe, the Warriors have been trying to trade for an All-NBA player.

“Rarely have the No. 1 and 2 picks gone to teams in various win-now stages. Both the Minnesota Timberwolves and Golden State Warriors have explored trading their picks for All-NBA-level stars, sources say, but no such deal appears (for now) likely to materialize.”

He continued on and explained how they had a rather difficult time finding a trade partner who would complete a deal with them and why that is the case.

“The Wizards have shown no interest in trading Beal for either pick, sources say. Ditto for Phoenix with Devin Booker and Philadelphia with Ben Simmons. Again: If Beal forces Washington’s hand, a package centered on the No. 1 pick is nothing to sneeze at. Players one tier down are probably not worth a top-two pick.”

Another Potential Trade or Signings

Lakers Free Agency Target: Nikola Vucevic

GettyNikola Vucevic of the Orlando Magic, who hits free agency this summer.

While it may seem difficult to accomplish a trade of that magnitude, that doesn’t mean it’s unrealistic. As Lowe stated earlier, there are factors outside of the team’s feelings that could change the situation.

For example, if Beal stated he no longer wants to be a Wizard, the Warriors have a great package assembled. The same could be said if Booker is no longer happy in Phoenix and Simmons in Philadelphia, or if Giannis Antetokounmpo decides he won’t resign with the Milwaukee Bucks. Having a solid player such as Wiggins, plus a high draftee, and potential future picks for other players would do more than just help team morale, but organizational morale as well for building a championship team. More so than keeping a player who no longer wants to be there.

If those three trades are unavailable, there are others that could be explored. Former NBA player and TV analyst Paul Pierce suggested the team trade for the Orlando Magic’s Nikola Vucevic.

“And a name that comes to mind — (Nikola) Vucevic. I think he could go in there and fit right in among their guards. He gives them a down-low presence (and) can knock down shots.

Who Should They Draft?

Ethan Miller/Getty ImagesThe No. 1-ranked prospect in the nation, Memphis freshman center James Wiseman

If those options are unavailable Golden State is still in a very good spot. Having the #2 pick in any draft brings hope to a franchise that only won 15 games. Adding the #2 pick to the Warriors’ roster opens up the possibility of extending the championship window for years to come.

Recently, news about two prospects the team could draft has continued to circulate. Israeli swingman Deni Avdija has a “rumored preference” for the Warriors to draft him per a report from Ethan Strauss of The Athletic. Avdija is a 6’9 forward who could work well within the team as a spark plug off the bench after some time to develop. Already having a solid frame, he offensively fits well within either forward position. That also holds true on the defensive end.

Another option for the Warriors is James Wiseman. While he may have only played three collegiate games he’s the most formidable player in the draft when it comes to paint play, something that would bode well for the Warriors given their lack of inside presence. Wiseman may have already laid out the path for the Warriors to draft him with ESPN’s Brian Windhorst report of him having “zero interest” in playing for the Timberwolves, the team with the number #1 draft selection.

Even if Golden State can’t complete their trade for an All-Star player, they will be in a prime position to build themselves back into championship contention.

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