Angel Reese’s WNBA Mock Draft Projections Show LSU Star Has Decision

Angel Reese

Getty The latest 2024 WNBA mock drafts project that Angel Reese could be a potential top-10 pick.

Angel Reese’s WNBA future remains uncertain as the LSU star has yet to reveal her plans for next season. Unlike Caitlin Clark who will turn pro, Reese has left the door open for a return to LSU for 2024-25.

Reese very much has a WNBA future if the star chooses to leave college this offseason. The latest WNBA mock drafts project Reese as a potential top-10 pick. ESPN’s Michael Voepel predicts Reese will be selected by the Minnesota Lynx with the No. 7 pick.

“The Lynx don’t have an obvious hole on their roster, so it’s likely they will look for the best player available,” Voepel wrote in March 12, 2024 WNBA mock draft. “There have been many questions about how Reese’s game will translate at the pro level, but the Lynx could find value in her rebounding and defensive talents. (Could return to college for 2024-25.)”

Angel Reese’s WNBA Outlook: The LSU Star Has Averaged a Double-Double in 3 Straight Seasons

Reese’s biggest asset when evaluating the forward as a pro prospect is her production. The Tigers star is a champion with a strong track record of producing. Reese has averaged a double-double in three straight seasons at LSU.

The star averaged 18.7 points, 13.2 rebounds, 2.3 assists and 1.9 steals per game in 32 games this season. These are outstanding numbers but down slightly from Reese’s career season in 2022-23. Reese posted 23 points and 15.4 rebounds per game last season.

WNBA GM Labels LSU’s Angel Reese as ‘a Bit of an Enigma’

Heading into March Madness, anonymous WNBA general managers relayed their scouting outlook for several top collegiate players, including Reese, during an interview with The Atheltic’s Sabreena Merchant and Ben Pickman.

One GM labeled Reese an “enigma” as to how she will transition to the next level. The executive remains mostly bullish on Reese given her production at LSU.

“Angel is a bit of an enigma. Obviously she produces,” the general manager explained in the March 28 feature. “No matter what people say she can’t do, she produces. Her production speaks for itself. To be one of the top players in the country in scoring and rebounding, her team wins and she’s a competitor.

“At our level, there will be a transition, but I think she’ll figure it out and find a way, have an impact. But there will be a transition period and how quickly it will be will depend on her, the work she puts in and her ability to continue to develop.”

Angel Reese Posted a Cryptic Social Media Message on Her WNBA Future

Back in February, Reese turned heads with a message on X where the “Bayou Barbie” appeared to ponder her future. The message is approaching one million views.

“Should I stay, should I go? I don’t know” 🥺💜💛” Reese said in the February 24 message.

Angel Reese’s WNBA Salary: How Much Money Would the Star Earn in the Draft?

As for the Reese’s WNBA salary in the future, there is not a massive difference in what the star will earn based on where she is selected in the draft. If Reese is the seventh pick as projected above, the forward would earn a $73,439 base salary, which is slated for the No. 5 through No. 8 picks in the 2024 draft.

The lowest salary Reese would earn as a first-round pick is $70,344, while the most she could make is $76,535 if the star is one of the first four WNBA draft picks. Regardless of her future decision, Reese will continue to earn most of her money from endorsements. Reese’s NIL projections are worth $1.8 million, per