Caitlin Clark’s Weak First Half Against UConn Surprises Fans

caitlin clark

Getty Caitlin Clark

Fans expressed surprise on social media after Iowa star Caitlin Clark had a weak first half in the Final Four game against UConn on April 5.

Clark faced off against UConn star Paige Bueckers after Clark led her team to a 41-point victory over LSU.

However, at half-time, Clark had posted disappointing numbers, and UConn was leading Iowa 32-26. That had fans anticipating how Clark would perform in the game’s second half. She answered that quickly, scoring her first 3-pointer of the night just a few minutes into the second half, and then a second, which became a four-point play. And just like that, fan support started to come back. By the fourth quarter, Iowa was leading. In the end, Iowa won 71-69.

“They played really good defense on me,” Clark said in the post-game press conference. She also said her teammates stepped up.

“We all know Caitlin Clark can heat up at any moment,” a fan wrote.

The winner faces South Carolina.

Here’s what you need to know:

Caitlin Clark Missed All of Her 3-Point Shots in the 1st Half

Caitlin Clark

GettyCaitlin Clark drives the ball against LSU during the Hawkeyes’ Elite 8 win.

Clark is known for her deadly 3-pointers. However, she went 0 for 6 in three-point attempts in the first half.

According to USA Today, that marks the “first time Clark has failed to make a 3-pointer in an NCAA Tournament game.”

She was 3 for 11 from the floor, USA Today reported. According to USA Today, Nika Muhl, of UConn, was credited with effectively defending Clark and keeping her from the middle of the floor. Clark had six rebounds and four assists, but she also had three turnovers, USA Today reported.

As for Bueckers, she had only scored six points during the first half.

Fans Expressed Surprise at Caitlin Clark’s Performance, Which Left Some New Viewers Wondering What All the Hype Was Over

Clark is considered one of the best female college basketball players of all time, if not the best.

However, some new viewers were baffled by the hype. “The one time I watch women’s basketball to see what the hype is about andddddd it’s absolute dumpster fire. I can’t even enjoy Caitlin Clark cause she’s getting tripled team and her team is awful,” a fan wrote on X.

“Finally watching Iowa play, and I’m still waiting to see why there’s so much hype about Caitlin Clark. 🥴🤔😴🥱” a woman wrote on X.

“Will the real Caitlin Clark please stand up!” a fan wrote.

“Caitlin Clark was in hell that whole half. Feels like if she sees it go in the hole a couple of times she’ll heat up but idk,” another fan wrote on X.

“Can someone who’s better versed in basketball tell me if Caitlin Clark is just having a bad day or genuinely getting outplayed?” a woman asked.

“This is my 2nd time watching Caitlin Clark play. I don’t understand the hype lol. She’s not there tonight, she doesn’t play defense well and the shot tonight is off. Maybe the the 2nd half will be better,” a fan wrote.

After she started hitting threes in the second half, the fan praise came back. “Watching Caitlin Clark has to feel like it did watching Jordan in the 90s. The closest comparison in their sport tbh,” wrote one person.

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