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How to Watch Disney Plus on Apple TV

disney plus apple tv

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With the launch of Apple TV came the promise of fast and convenient access to an extensive library of shows and movies. The same can be said about Disney+, Disney’s newest streaming service. Together, the two will provide you with hours upon hours of entertainment, from classic animated feature films to new live-action series. That is, of course, if Disney Plus is one fo the many services and apps available through Apple TV.

Not one to be left in the dark, Apple does have access to Disney’s streaming service—but that’s only half the battle. There is still a process of downloading the app, signing up, and logging in before you can access Disney’s vast selection of entertainment.

To get you going on your adventure through Disney’s expansive filmography, let’s break down how to download the Disney Plus app on Apple TV.

How to Watch Disney Plus on Apple TV

Disney Plus will be available on Apple TV at launch, as well as your Xbox One, PS4, Samsung TV, Android, iOS, Chromecast, and more.

If you don’t want to struggle with the cumbersome menus to access the streaming service, here’s a quick breakdown of exactly how to download Disney Plus and access the incredible selection of TV and movie entertainment.

  1. 1. Sign up for Disney+ service
  2. 2. Boot up your Apple TV
  3. 3. Launch the App Store
  4. 4. Stay on the Featured tab and locate the Disney Plus app or
  5. 5. Scroll to the Search tab and type in ‘Disney Plus’
  6. 6. Click on the Disney Plus app icon
  7. 7. Click Get
  8. 8. Once downloaded, log in with your Disney Plus credentials (email and password)
  9. 9. Browse to or search for what you want to watch
  10. 10. Select the show/movie
  11. 11. Select Play

It’s as easy as that! Now you’re ready to enjoy your favorite Disney movies and TV series right on your Apple TV.

When Did Disney+ Launch on Apple TV

Disney+ launched on November 12, 2019 and is available on Apple TV. The service launched at 6:00 AM EST.

Disney+ is now available worldwide.

How Much Will Disney Plus Cost On Apple TV?

Like the majority of these types of streaming apps available on the App Store, Disney Plus will be free to download. However, you’ll need to purchase a Disney Plus subscription for either $6.99/month or $69.99/year. There’s also a Disney Plus bundle available that adds Hulu and ESPN+ for a total of $12.99/month.

Unfortunately, there is no longer a free 7-day trial of Disney+.

After you’ve subscribed to Disney Plus, you’ll then use your credentials to log into the Disney Plus app on your Apple device to start streaming.

How to Download Shows to Watch Later

One other great feature of Disney Plus is that you can download shows to watch later, so if you’re sitting at home on your wifi, you can download shows to watch when you won’t have an internet connection.

That means you can download shows right to your Apple TV and have them available on your device instead of having to use your internet connection every time you want to watch them.

This is good to utilize if you want to download your shows now (when you’re kids are not gaming or using the internet) to watch later.

To do so, browse to whatever show you want to download, and next to the Play button, you’ll find a download arrow icon. Click on that icon, and your content will begin downloading. It has a circular progress bar, so keep an eye on that before you plan to take your device away from an internet connection. Make sure it’s downloaded completely before leaving your house!

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