• Netflix June 2016 Releases: What’s New to Streaming This Month

    Orange Is the New Black returns for its fourth season on Netflix this month and Best Picture winner, Spotlight starts streaming.

  • Spotlight: Freaky, Dark & Totally Disturbing Music Videos

  • Spotlight: Why Were The Grammys So Terrible?

  • Spotlight: Small Bands Making Big Commercials

  • Spotlight: Amazing Musical Moments on Late Night TV

  • Spotlight: T-Shirt Wars?

    Friendly nods for graphic inspiration or straight-out ripoffs? While Congress has been over-worrying themselves with Internet pirates, there has been other plundering going on in the rock t-shirt world.

  • Spotlight: Bookmark These Music Sites

  • Spotlight: Moon Duo

  • Spotlight: 2012 Album Release Picks

  • Spotlight: Handsome Furs

  • Spotlight: Cover Love – Kate Bush Edition

    Kate Bush has been out of the spotlight for some time, releasing her first album in 10 years just this week. With that in mind, here are a few tributes, classic wins, and the occasional amusing and/or unfortunate happening.

  • Spotlight: UK Youth

  • Spotlight: Music Video Suburbia

  • Spotlight: The Year of The Saxophone

  • Spotlight: The Best Of CMJ

  • Spotlight: Your Influences Are Showing

  • Spotlight: Breaking Up With The Band

  • Spotlight: CMJ Music Marathon

  • Spotlight: Super-Collabs

  • Spotlight: The Art of Live Footage

    A couple weeks ago we looked at videos made of found footage collages. Now, let's look at videos where the band is live; front and center, and the videographers are producing so much more than the grainy concert footage you occasionally screen, wincing all the while.

  • Spotlight: Cover Love

  • Spotlight: The Art of Found Footage

  • Spotlight: The R&B Influence

  • Spotlight: The 90s Revival

  • Spotlight: Canada

    The idea of isolating artists based on region (let alone country) seems a tad backwards, but simply put, we're in the midst of another Canadian wave of music.