Former AMD Employees Accused Of Stealing 100,000 Secret Documents

(Photo Credit: AMD)


Four employees who left AMD to work for Nvidia have allegedly stolen thousands of confidential AMD documents before they left. One of those employees, Robert Feldstein, the former VP of Strategic Development, was in charge of designing the graphic chips for earlier versions of the Wii and Xbox 360 consoles. Feldstein is amongst one of the four people being sued by AMD.

According to sources, Feldstein is being held responsible for stealing over 100,000 documents and bringing them over to Nvidia, with intent to release AMD’s technology and development secrets. In attempts to recover the data, AMD noticed that the documents in question were last opened days just before Feldstein left the company.  It turns out Feldstein was recruited by Richard Hagen, who recruited Feldstein and two other members for positions at Nvidia. Through the litigation, AMD is “aggressively protecting” the company’s secrets. The entire lawsuit can be read online.


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