Microsoft Surface Pro Failures


It’s no surprise to be finding out that Microsoft hasn’t been very clear with the storage capacity of its Surface Pro model. Consumers may feel ripped off with the amount of “free space” they will be receiving with the Surface Pro. A spokes person from Microsoft announced today, the Surface Pro 64GB model will only have 23GB left of free space, while the 128GB version will have 83GB left. Microsoft customers won’t be satisfied with Microsoft Surface Pro because Windows 8 is taking up 41GB total space on both versions, which leaves questions regarding the amount of bloat added to the operating system. One reason to the bloat may be due to the default backup partition, which users can manually delete. Casual users may not be able to figure that on their own, but at least expandable memory is available. Microsoft plans to release Surface Pro on Feb 9th, 2013. Make sure you read everything you need to know on Microsoft Surface Pro tablet before you go out and buy one.