Google Is Sharing Android Users’ Personal Information


After posting Microsoft’s Valentines Video ad yesterday, it’s no surprise to be finding out Google has been going around sharing Android users’ personal information with app developers.

According to the, Dan Nolan, a software developer from Australia, said that, Google sent him personal information on everyone that purchased his app, Paul Keating Insult Generator, from the Google Play Store. This included full names, post codes and email addresses. So, if you’ve left any negative app reviews, watch out! App developers can track you down.

Thanks to Mr. Nolan for revealing this information, Google cannot turn around and say it was a “software glitch.” Campaign groups such as Big Brother Watch, are accusing Google of taking consumers’ information without their knowledge. Nick Pickles, Director of Privacy at Big Brother Watch, says Google should be very clear about what’s going on with users’ personal information since buying apps is part of their everyday life.

Google said in an email statement, “we only share personal information to process transactions.”

Dan Nolan, a developer from Australia, posted on a blog on Tuesday saying, “This is a massive oversight by Google. Under no circumstances should I be able to get the information of the people who are buying my apps unless they opt into it and it’s made crystal clear to them that I’m getting this information.”

Do you agree with Mr. Pickles’ opinion when he says, “when users buy an app in the Google Play Store, Google should have a pop-up window that says, ‘personal information will be shared with app developers’?” At least if Google notified its customers, the company would be upfront about it instead of lying to their customers.