Samsung Galaxy S4 Announcement Live Stream & Live Blog

Live from Radio City Music Hall in New York City, Samsung will unveil the highly anticipated Galaxy S4 smartphone today at its Unpacked event. Will it be a game-changer?

Apple is certainly freaked out about it.

Tune in here at 7 p.m. EST for live coverage!

6:35PM: We’re just a few minutes away from Samsung’s press conference starting. The event will begin at 7.m. EST.

6:46 PM: The show will begin in 15 minutes!!!

6:59 PM: The show is beginning!

7:00 PM: “Ladies and gentlemen, places for the top of show.”



7:08 PM: They seem to be taking some time beginning the show.

7:10 PM: They’re starting by showing a video of Jeremy, awaiting the big day.

7:12 PM: Jeremy shows up on stage, and is joined by Will Chase.


7:15 PM: JK Shin is introduced and walks on stage.

7:15 PM: They’re acting like nothing got leaked at all, but all the world has already seen the phone.




7:16 PM: Shin is talking about a touchless device. A smartphone that breaks language barrier.

7:17 PM: Samsung Knox, a phone for work and play.

7:19 PM: They start showing a video. The 4 explodes on to the screen.

7:20 PM: And there you have it, a black and white phone.


7:20 PM: 3G and LTE support.

7:21 PM: 144 Country launch at the end of April.

7:22 PM: New video.

7:23 PM: The phone is lighter, thinner, and bigger than the Galaxy S3.




7:24 PM: 5″ Full HD Super AMOLED 441ppi display.

7:25 PM: New TouchWiz gives a more magazine feel.

7:25 PM: 2GB RAM, 16/32/64GB storage, 8 sensors, infrared gesture.





7:28: 13 Megapixel rear camera.



7:30 – Dual Camera allows you to use both rear and front camera at the same time. Both video and photo. Uses different “stamps.”


7:31 PM: Sound and shot lets you record audio 5 seconds before you shoot.


7:33 PM: Drama shot lets you take more than 100 shots in 4 seconds and composite some in a single frame.



7:33 PM: Eraser lets you take composite shots to eliminate unwanted parts of the photos.



7:35 PM: S Translator lets you speak into the device and it speaks the translated phrase for you. Supports 9 languages. Supports text-to-speech, speech-to-speech, or speech-to-text.




7:37 PM: Adapt Display changes brightness and contrast depending on the brightness of your environment. It just knows.


7:38 PM: Story Album creates albums contextually. You can also order printed albums between $10 and $30.

4:41 PM: Home Sync is a device you keep in your home that’s 1 terabyte where you can store your pics and files. Connects to Galaxy S4 via NFC. They are pitching this to battle cloud storage. Up to 8 users.



7:43 PM: S Voice Drive is used for safe driving.


7:44 PM: Smart Switch lets you transfer everything to a PC wirelessly.



4:45 PM: S Voice uses voice recognition to do everything, including responding to your messages and acting as a personal assistant. Hi Siri, Samsung wants to be you.


4:46 PM: Galaxy Hub – Where to buy games and movies.

4:48 PM: Samsung Knox is a security system that easily separates all work-related files and apps from all of the personal files, apps, and activity.



4:49 PM: This is the cheesiest product announcement of all time. Vivian is Sheila now.



7:51 PM: Samsung Group Play lets everyone with S4’s synch music to play at the same time. Sounds annoying to nearby people.




7:52 PM: You can use ChatOn to show both the back and front cameras at the same time while video chatting.



7:54 PM: The S4 tracks whether or not if you’re looking at the screen and will pause a video if you’re not. Now they’re talking about tilt to scroll. How revolutionary. /sarcasm.



7:55 PM: Total Report counts your calories that you’ve burned while walking during the day.



7:57 PM: There’s a new S cover.



7:57 PM: That’s a wrap folks! What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy S4? What do you think of this super cheesy announcement?


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