Cheaper iPhone Photos Get Leaked Online

Budget iPhone

After rumors indicated that Apple was developing a low-cost iPhone, potential buyers have been wondering what it would look like once it arrives in the market. Well according to Tactus, the blog leaked some photos of what the cheap iPhone would look like along with a plastic cover on it.

After looking at what the potential iPhone would look like, it seems like it would be a simpler version of the iPhone 5. The pictures posted on the site teases the first look at the new cheap iPhone.

Brian White

Apple reportedly decided (internally) that the low-cost phone would cost around $300 or $400, less than what the new iPhone sells without any contracts. Since iPhones aren’t particularly affordable, Apple hopes to reach out to tight budgeted folks who want to spend less on the popular mobile device. Analyst Brian White said, according to this Business Insider article, that Apple is currently developing a cheap iPhone along with the 5S version. He said, “”Our general takeaway around Apple is that a lower-priced iPhone and the iPhone 5S will be announced together in June and launched in July.”

In addition, a cheaper iPhone would help Apple improve it’s sales in developing countries, where cheaper devices like Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and the HTC One have been selling well.

Cheap iPhone

White also said that he expects the low-cost iPhone to have a curved backing  made out of colored plastic. From the look of the leaked photos — whose authenticity is unconfirmed — the cheap iPhone looks to be exactly how Brian described it.