Facebook Home: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

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1. Facebook Home Is Just A Really Big App Update
Essentially, Facebook Home is just a big app update. It doesn’t radically alter the Google Android operating system, but is an addition. That being said, it definitely seems like Facebook Home is the first step in a process that could culminate with a customized Facebook Android OS.

2. Facebook Home has a Cover Feed feature
The Cover Feed feature in Facebook Home is very similar to NewsFeed on the desktop app. The only difference? Cover Feed uses images to tell you new updates from your friends. It’s also really easy to sort through. Simply swipe left or right to find a new Cover Feed story, or wait for the system to automatically cycle through stories.

3. Facebook Home Introduces “Chatheads”
Chatheads is a really cool messaging feature on Facebook Home. It not only lets you message Facebook friends, but send SMS messages as well. In addition, when you’re using an app like Angry Birds and you get a message, a little bubble of your friends’ face pops up, and you can message them back without leaving the app.

4. It lets you Easily Manage your Notifications
Notifications from Facebook on my iPhone can get really annoying, really quickly. But, now, with Facebook Home, they seem to be less intrusive. In addition, you can get rid of notifications by just swiping or collecting a whole bunch of notifications and getting rid of them at the same time. Seems pretty convenient.

5. The Entire System Focuses on Gestures
Gestures seems to be the cornerstone of this app. Swiping, tapping, and other gestures are the easiest way to navigate Facebook Home.

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6. It’s only available on Android
Unfortunately for iPhone users, Facebook Home will only be available with Android device, though Zuckerberg didn’t rule out a potential “partnership” with Apple. The reason is that the Android OS is more “open” than Apple, and is easier to manipulate.

7. There “May” Be Ads on Cover Feed soon
In a Q&A session after the event, Zuckerberg said that there were plans to add advertisements on the Cover Feed feature, but not at the initial launch.

8. Apps are Easily Accessible
Going back to gestures, the apps screen is really easy to access. The app screen is accessible by a simple swipe upwards.

9. Facebook Home Will Be Integrated in the HTC First
Zuckerberg also announced that they have partnered with HTC and AT&T to produce the HTC First. The device will have Facebook Home built-in and run on AT&T’s LTE network.

10. Facebook Home Will Be Available on April 12th
You can download Facebook Home from the Google Play store starting next week, on April 12th.