Iceland Goes Medieval on Incest Via Android App

incest, android app, iceland

Goodbye, anemia.

Hello, genetic diversity.

Icelanders have a peculiar problem: they are descended from five Viking men and four Irish women (how does that math figure?)

Because of this, the most genetically homogeneous nation’s government have created a genetic database to help fight inbreeding.

Now a group of University of Iceland in Reykjavík students have taken it a step further and created an Android app to help end cousins from dating. NBC News reports:

When you tap phones with someone who has the app, it brings up an alert if the owners of the two phones share a grandparent. (Of course, if you don’t already know who you share a grandparent with, incest may be the least of your problems, but the team says it is looking into functionality for spotting common great grandparents, too.)

incest, iceland, android app

The app, called Sifjaspellsspillir translates to “Incest Destroyer.”

An iPhone counterpart is currently in production.