Report: Sven Olaf Kamphuis Arrested; Anonymous Planning Cyberattack

According to a report from IBTimes UK, Sven Olaf Kamphuis — the unofficial spokesperson for the group behind the largest DDoS attack in history — has been arrested.

The native Dutchman was reportedly arrested and authorities aren’t saying who was arrested exactly, simply saying they nabbed a 35-year-old suspect as SK. He was also arrested in Barcelona, where he lives according to his Facebook Profile.

Kamphuis represented Stophaus, the subsection of Anonymous that launched the largest DDoS attack in history. You can read more about the attack here and here.

In retaliation, Anonymous is planning on launching a cyberattack. According to multiple sources within Anonymous, select members of Anonymous are planning a cyberattack. The target hasn’t been decided yet, says to those same sources, and the cyberattack is still in the infancy stages. However, the concept of retaliating over arrests and legal action over cyberattacks is in line with previous Anonymous cyberattacks. Previously, Anonymous launched a massive cyberattack following the tragic suicide of Aaron Swartz — who reportedly committed suicide after he found out he was facing up to 35 years in prison over downloading academic articles from MIT’s server and publishing them online for free.

This story is developing, so we’ll have more info for you soon.

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